Nice Guys Finish First

Empathetic boys attract more close female friends.

Interactive Quote of the Day—How do Gentlemen Make People Feel Better?

As a gentleman, do you think this quote is accurate? What are your initial thoughts?

Comment of the Day: ‘I wish I could take away your pain’

Sometimes, we don’t know the right words to say.

The Most Powerful Lesson My Students Ever Taught Me

Middle school teacher, Wisdom Amouzou, shared with his students an emotionally traumatic story from his past. The result? Healing and empowerment for all.

How Men Can Help Cope with Infertility on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day can be the worst for men and women who deal with infertility.

To My Children, Who are Not Transgender

This dad gives simple advice not just for his kids, but for all people, everywhere.

How to Harness the Power of Empathy

Is there a link between technology and empathy? Author Geoff Colvin tells us the answer.

A Dad’s Letter to His Daughter

Steve Garrett has taken a thorough look at the men in the world. He decided to write is daughter a letter about them. Here are his thoughts.

Comment of the Day: ‘There’s enough blame to go around’

How can we support men to keep them from becoming abusive?

Sirens, a Song that Leads Men to Their Graves

How ironic – to die in a living room.

How to Build a Positive Future

To lay the foundation for a promising tomorrow, take advantage of the building blocks you have today.

Saving the World—One Kind Conversation at a Time

To save the world, there must be the realization that it’s not all about you. It’s just isn’t.

Can You See Life Through Someone Else’s Eyes?

This powerful video reminds us why empathy is one of the most important virtues.

How we Treat the Homeless: A Test Case in Super Bowl City

A city hosting the Super Bowl puts in a lot of hard work to prepare. But their treatment of the homeless may surprise you.

Comment of the Day: “My teenage sons get a lot more peer reinforcement for coming up with a witty, stinging insult than for giving someone a big hug.”

This comment was by Christine Walker on the post “I Don’t Know What It Feels Like to Be a Man, So Show Me”.

I Believe In Loving Like You Give A S***

Jordan Gray says that real love is intentional love.