Comment of the Day: “My teenage sons get a lot more peer reinforcement for coming up with a witty, stinging insult than for giving someone a big hug.”

This comment was by Christine Walker on the post “I Don’t Know What It Feels Like to Be a Man, So Show Me”.

I Believe In Loving Like You Give A S***

Jordan Gray says that real love is intentional love.

Sometimes You Need a Hand: The Gift of Empathy

Empathy is a gift that’s simple to give, and a blessing to receive. It leads to kindness, and patience. Dr. Margaret Rutherford shows us how.

The Man Might Kill Me, Could a Plate of Potatoes Save My Life?

Can conflict be diffused by cultivating awareness of survival based fear?

Simplicity and Science: The Search for Empathy

Is the journey to become an empathetic individual truly man-made?

Colorblindness and Cynicism

Success is, in fact, more often than not, a function of some sort of absence.

7 Ways to Teach Kids About Gratitude

Living with an attitude of gratitude as a moral value for kids.

5 Signs I Missed When I Dated a Sociopath

Will the real sociopath please stand up … so I can run away?!

How to Get Your Wife in a Horse Trailer (and make her glad she did!)

What does your wife know that YOU know? Steve Horsmon explains how this powerful concept builds trust and safety.

How to be a Healer of Stress

Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. Rudy Tanzi believe asking people to have less stress is like asking fish to have less water. We can try to shrug off stress as normal but the body cannot.

It’s Not My Problem

No four words in the English language are more potentially damaging than “it’s not my problem.”

What I Really Passed When I Passed by Grandpa’s House

Between his stories, I could think of only one thing. One day, I’ll be the one talking to the driver of a hearse.

A New Day on Sesame Street

Do kids see the same things you see? Sesame Street raises the bar in helping kids perceive disabilities.

Do Bullies Lack Self-Esteem and a Capacity for Empathy?

Teaching a bully how to be more empathetic may just help them become a bigger and better bully.

You Can’t Always Find Compassion Where You Expect

The place we often think to turn in difficult times, might not be the best.

How to Explain to Your Kids When You Disagree With Your Ex

Here’s the magic word to teach your kids the world won’t end anytime soon…