In My Office, In the Closet


Out on the job? There may be more at stake than a paycheck when trying to answer this question.

8-Steps to Getting UNSTUCK in Life After Experiencing Unemployment

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These are the lessons that I learned from my brother Ron after he committed suicide due to loss of employment.

Will Your Interview Answers Get You Hired?

Will Your Interview by Alex France

Acing an interview takes more than a great resume and a great suit. Dr. Travis Bradberry tells you how to answer the five big questions.

How to Survive in the 21st Century: Surviving a Layoff

men at work

The Good Men Project’s series How to Survive in the 21st Century, delivers survival-mode insight on accepting life-changing circumstances, and gives you the road map to your new normal.

A Perception of Age: Age and Gender Bias in Modern Society

Sunday by Thomas Leuthard

Gender and age bias continue to plague us in every day society. Here’s what we can do to make sure we’re being presented in the best possible way…every day.

Teen Fathers: A Typical Day

love silhouette teen parents

Dr. Andrew Irwin-Smiler looks at a day in the life of a teen father: confusion, sadness, and love.

A Post for People Wanting to Enter the Job Market: The Cover Letter


Vaughn Granier on how to stand out in the job search with one of the essentials: the cover letter.

Elizabeth Warren and Henry Ford Agree. Middle Class is It

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Prosperity in America rises and falls with the middle class. Making higher education affordable and refinancing crushing student loan debt, will grow the economy for all.

Why Has There Never Been an Unemployment-Themed Reality TV Show?


With the right help, the whole cast could be winners, says employment strategist Richard B. Alman.

Don’t Have a BA? Apply Anyway, Guys


An interview with a business man who’d hire you without a BA.

When Should You Accept Failure or Admit Success?


A student asks the most difficult question a professor ever had to handle.

Hard Evidence: Are Young People’s Job Prospects Improving?

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Recessions always hit young people hard.

The Good Millenials

unemployed millenials- amerainey-flickr

Millenials get slaughtered in the media for being ignorant, lazy, wishy-washy and entitled, but the ones Patrick Brothwell knows don’t demonstrate that at all.

3 Feminist Lessons From Beyoncé, LeBron, and Eva Longoria

3 Feminist Lessons From Beyonce, LeBron, and Eva Longoria photo

Alyssa Rosenberg takes a closer look at what men can learn from women and why men and women need to be equally invested in pay equality.