What Dads Really Want For Father’s Day (It’s Not an Apple Watch!): Video


Truth is, he wants more than just a roll in the hay and a “#1 Dad”mug.

Inspiration Unpacked: 5 Steps to a Healthy Mind


When you change your messages to yourself you change your mind, and that is what it takes to change your life.

Take the Realness Challenge


How much realness do you have?

Creating Reality: Capitalizing On Our Immense Power

frayed rope

Can we become more present in the moment and rewrite the subconscious script of fear?

Fortune Cookie Advice: “Dive Into the Well of Grief”

empowered life

Boysen Hodgson from the ManKind Project stops into The Empowered Life with some awesome fortune cookie advice for men

The “Pretty” Prison: the Dad of a Daughter Ponders the Weight of a Word


A dad discovers a common compliment for girls is not as positive as many think. It is a trap. Here is his plan to free his daughter from its grasp.

Is Our Existence Intent on Death?

Is our existence intent on death? mayeesherr.:Flickr

Mark Brook opens our eyes on a contemplative stroll of death, existence, and change.

What Is Your RHQ (Relationship Health Quotient)?

Don't Look Away!

Don’t be caught by surprise when your partner reveals a different understanding of the relationship. Be prepared and take the RHQ!

Forced Into Silence in the City

Forced Into Silence in the City

The Forced Into Silence team has been working really hard to make this documentary happen.

VIDEO: The Goal Is Not The Goal


The most successful people in the world know that the goal you set for yourself isn’t the goal. The goal is the motivator.

In the Director’s Chair of Forced Into Silence

In the directors chair of forced into silence legends2k:Flickr

Dr. Vibe helps us get to know La Shawn Pagán and the journey of making Forced Into Silence.

VIDEO: The 2 Times Each Day When Habit-Forming is Easiest

Video: How to build habits, the easy way, everyday… with Dale Thomas Vaughn

Forced Into Silence Viewer Participation

forced into silence viewer participation Derek Bridges:Flickr

La Shawn Pagán has another serious question she wants you to consider about Forced Into Silence.

George Takei: “It Got Better!”

George Takei maxintosh:Flickr

George Takei’s social media posts are almost guaranteed instant viral status, now he let’s his fans know where his strength came from.

So What if I am your Meal Ticket

So What If I am Your Meal Ticket Brett Jordan:Flickr

How can a prisoner transform himself into a good man?

I Don’t Care About Mascots, Headdresses, and Team Names

Fire  BSC Photography:Flickr

We can harness the real power of the fire. Original knowledge applied to the chaos of contemporary living.