The End of Men and the Rise of Women, Or Are We Facing The End of Us All?

It’s the end of men and the rise of women? Great. Too bad the sinking Titanic that is our industrialized civilization doesn’t care. Men and women must unite to save the home we too often take for granted.

There’s No Crisis In Masculinity…

There’s no crisis in masculinity, only a narrow definition of men.

New Year, New Masculinity

Sebastian Molano shares a new resolution to pursue a “new masculinity.”

Men Aren’t Obsolete…

…but MaleSurvivor Executive Director Christopher M. Anderson thinks that reflexive and stigmatizing rhetoric that degrades people should be.

The Emasculation of Men

Dr. Vibe’s latest podcast explores the concept and possible causes of the “emasculation of men.”

Open Thread: Is There a Crisis of Masculinity?

We ask you, men, do you think men are in crisis?

Men Must Be Needed Because We Can’t Be Wanted

We believe we have to be the heroes only because we can’t yet see other roles for ourselves.

Open Letter to the New York Times: There is No “Room for Debate” About the Value of Fathers

In its June 4th “Room For Debate“, the New York Times insulted fathers by questioning their purpose, role and potential contribution to families. Scott Behson’s rebuttal to the question and commentary on the contributors’ writings.

This Much I Know To Be True

Despite the fact that manhood has become a third rail of modern society, I refuse to stop talking about it.

Is There A War On Men?

Women and men are fighting a war where the bombs are OUR HEARTS. Or something.

“Men need to modernize more and yet be more like they were before. Clear as mud?”

These are comments by wellokaythen and Joe on the post “Breaking News from Fox columnist: Women aren’t Women Anymore”.

The Demise of the Far-Right Conservative White Guy

It’s not that bad, guys.

We’ve Still Got Work To Do To Get To Gender Equality.

A Scientific Decoding of The End of Men (Finally)

Do Guys Fight For Their Friendships? (Hint: NYT says “No”; I say “Hell, Yes”!)

A new claim about what is wrong with men is vigorously refuted by the GMP founder.

“The End of Men” on Al-Jazeera Stream

The Good Men Project’s own Noah Brand weighs in against Hanna Rosin’s notion of “The End of Men”

“The Myth of Male Decline”: Stephanie Coontz Gets It Right

A New York Times op-ed explains the difference between the imaginary end of men and the real problems men face.