Five Solutions for the Lack of Energy Entrepreneur


A few tweaks can give you all the energy you need.

One Powerful Way to Breathe New Intimacy Into Your Relationship

Intimacy through breathing

There are other ways to enjoy mind-blowing intimacy with your partner –here’s one that is as simple as just breathing…

How to Recover Like a Younger You


Remember your 20s? Food science expert shares 5 nutrients that help you feel younger.

Leaders: How Your Energy Affects Your Team

lack of energy

Vaughan Granier gives some examples of how a leader’s energy can affect their team, and some advice on how to get things back on track when the energy has waned.

How Being Bullied Was One of My Greatest Gifts

hurt locker teen

Bettina Goodwin reflects on her experiences of being bullied and how a new perspective transformed her life completely.

Standing Up For What’s Right, By Getting Lyrical

rap 1

Against a grey and desolate urban backdrop, with shaved head and wearing a hoodie, this man’s passion will stun you.

What is Your Love Energy Really Attracting?

Elizabeth Menzel and Dale Thomas Vaughn

Confused about whether you should be a nice guy or a macho man? The answer is YES.

On French Presses and Diamonds: Turning Pressure Into Something Good

french presses and diamonds photo by mrkalolo

George Davis notes that pressure can be used to be great acts of creation. If only we let it.

Do You Know What it Means to Be an Introvert?


A lot of people use the words “introverted” and “shy” interchangeably; they don’t mean the same thing.

Your Body Wants You to Know: Enough Caffeine Already! (Infographic)

Coffee Pour

We’re on information overload when it comes to coffee. This infographic might help.

Fuel for Dads

Out of Gas

Michael Stoller offers an analogy and some advice to get men refueled after a long day’s work.

Your Body Wants You to Know: Sugar is not Your Friend


We all love it.

“There are boys who are NOT high-energy, not into wrestling or sports, and not into screaming. And they are not ‘acting like girls’.”


This is a comment by wellokaythen on the post “Let’s Stop Faulting Boys and Start Channeling Their Energy”.

Working Out Work: Getting Your Career In Shape


Pump it up. Sweat it out. Make it burn.

“When I talk about male aggression, I differentiate that from anger.”

photo by superwebdeveloper

From Erik: For a fairly masculine man that energy is more or less his core power and the place from where he naturally lives.

“Global warming is the earth’s MOST pressing concern.”


This is a comment by Dan on the post “Warming Up To Global Warming”.