A Dad Cries Out “Thomas the Train, and the British, Have Poisoned My Son!”


His son used to be perfect. Now he is ruined. Was it drugs? Was it crime? No, the culprit according to this dad was that insufferable train Thomas, and the country that exported him to us.

Touchdowns, Tackles, and Tolstoy: Educating Guys in the Locker Room

football, locker room, young men

For six weeks, football players endured summer conditioning, and a part of that conditioning regimen was intellectual.

I Bought Beer For Teenage Boys


And I would do it again.

Review: Poems that Make Grown Men Cry


Poetry Editor Charlie Bondhus reviews Poems that Make Grown Men Cry, a new anthology of poetry that will move even the toughest of guys.

“What Are You Reading For?”: Why I Read to My Bilingual Child

“What Are You Reading For?”: Why I Read to My Bilingual Child

Stephen Greene argues that his experiences with raising his bilingual son in Brazil have reinforced the importance of making time to read together every night.

Young Man In a Post-Graduate Maelstrom

whirlpool, sucked in, spinning, chaos, graduation, after college

Some resist. Twenty-two year old Jefferson Morris IV lets the swirling waters carry him where they may.

The Ways We Talk, the Ways We Listen


“My brother visits from Korea with his girlfriend, S. If they marry, I will not be the only adoptee in the family to return to Korea and marry a Korean woman.” By Matthew Salesses

Can’t Stop Smiling Watching at This Afghan Soldier Learning English

Afghan Soldier Learning English

This makes me laugh. Is that wrong ?

My Addiction to Fiction

Reading photo by Elvert Barnes

17-year-old Ernesto Ponce had never enjoyed reading until the semester he was forced to spend an hour a day actually reading whatever he wanted.

Raising Trilingual Children in America


Marriage editor Gint Aras is preserving history and forging the future by raising a trilingual family. In Chicago, as in many European cities, this is the norm.

Open Thread: Who Was Your Best Teacher?


A lot of people remember one teacher or college professor who really stood out, who opened their eyes and made them see new things, who instilled a love of a subject in them.

Ten Wicked Idioms That I Love


Without letting the cat out of the bag: Carl Pettit loves idioms suggesting the torture of house cats.

Proud to Be an American


Only by traveling abroad does Kyle Carpenter appreciate what it means to be an American.

Jamaican Gentlemen


For a revolutionary generation of young Jamaican men, the strong and available role models looked like the enemy.

Don’t Take Yourself So Fucking Seriously


To laugh at oneself is enlightenment.

“Don’t Cry!”: Being a Man in Korea


What makes boys cry, and when are boys allowed to cry? Turner Wright reports, with examples from South Korea.