The Teacher’s Pet at 80: An Interview with Actress Mamie Van Doren

The former Miss Palm Springs and RKO film siren Mamie Van Doren talks to Donald D’Haene about what fires her up, her leftward political drift, and being an enduring sex symbol.

Russell Brand, On Why Life is Better Without Drugs

Alyssa Royse applauds the honesty and bravery of Russell Brand.

#Oscars2013 – Why ‘Wreck it Ralph’ is Even More Brave Than ‘Brave’

Disney’s “Brave” has been touted as a the boldest stereotype-busting kids’ movie in cinematic history, but Joanna Schroeder thinks there is another Oscar-nominated animated feature that has been overlooked for its brave portrayal of gender.

Paparazzi Roadblocks Chris Brown, Porsche Totaled

In the wake of yet another dangerous pursuit and crash perpetrated by paparazzi, Joanna Schroeder wonders: What are you willing to give up in order to help end this madness?

Chris Culliver Should Worry Less About What Gay Folks Are Doing, and More About Football – Video

“Totally Biased with Kamau Bell” writer Guy Branum has a funny-but-true message for Chris Culliver and the other homophobic, gay-hating 49ers.

Rihanna’s a Daughter and a Human and Loves a Man…And We’re Surprised

Zach Rosenberg doesn’t judge Rihanna for going back to Chris Brown, but her situation reminds him of the importance of fathers in their kids’ lives.

Did Kathy Griffin Sexually Harass Anderson Cooper on New Year’s Eve?

Alyssa Royse wonders how we would react if the sexual harassment leveled against Anderson Cooper on New Year’s Eve had happened to a woman.

Undercover Boss CEO Sees the Light About Same-Sex Partner Benefits

CEO Lorne Ashby realizes how crucial it is to proved benefits to his employees’ domestic partners.

Protest Style: Psy’s Anti-American Past?

“Gangnam Style” has made PSY a global household name, but acording to recent English translations of his performances in 2002 and 2004, PSY participated in several high profile anti-American military protests.

Is Daniel Craig’s ‘007’ TOO Physically Fit?

Does Daniel Craig’s “perfect body” at age 44 set an unattainable physical standard for men?

Chris Brown’s Twitter Deactivated After Tweet War with Comedy Writer

Chris Brown’s popular Twitter account is offline following a graphic tweet war with comedy writer Jenny Johnson.

The Media Wants You Dead

Carl Pettit explains how the stress of breaking news, 24/7, is breaking you down.

What If We Celebrated Science Like the Olympics?

What NASA does every day is like a perfect balance beam act, performed every day, in space. Why don’t we celebrate these feats with the enthusiasm we reserve for Olympic athletes?

Trust Me, I’m Lying: Interview With Ryan Holiday

Media guru Ryan Holiday exploits the chinks inherent in the armor of the news-gathering process, and the fourth estate fights back. Chuck Ross interviews a self-admitted media manipulator.