“Are animals here for our amusement and entertainment?”


What Kind of Company Tells SeaWorld “Thanks For the Order, But We Don’t Want Your Money?”

“Have we become obsessed with skeleton’s in everyone’s closets?”


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Cheering on the Bully and the Killer: Is That Entertainment?

house of cards

TV writer Steve Harper considers the morality of watching TV with dark themes.

Why Parenthood is the Manliest Show on Television

From the set of Parenthood

Shadley Grei thinks men should overlook the tear-stained stigma of NBC’s family drama and watch it actually explore the real struggles of modern men.

Star Wars Characters Meet “Happy” & Dance Party Ensues (Video)

dancing storm trooper

With a title like “Happy,” I found it hard to believe that Pharrell Williams’ makes-you-wanna-move hit could be improved upon…. Then Star Wars characters were added to the mix.

Too Cold for Television

family-by tinkerbrad-flickr

When you write a blog, sometimes you have encounters with people that surprise you. I had one of those encounters this week.

The Conspiracy Theorists Among Us


Shows like Scandal and House of Cards make for interesting entertainment, but they tell us little about how politics actually works.

Rated M for Misogyny


Eric Robillard can find any movie to match his mood, but what he can’t tolerate is violence against women as a form of entertainment

Jaden Smith and the Trappings of Privilege

AP PHoto/Smiths

Dr. Donald E Grant, Jr. explains that urban Black America helped to create the empire that is now “The Smiths”, and hopes Will or Jada steps forward to discredit their son’s irresponsible messages about education.

Pete Gustin: Proving You Don’t Need Sight to Speak

Pete Gustin

Gustin explains, “I was 21 and finally going to give voice work a serious shot, and this agent tells me that if I can’t read copy off of a page I can’t work in the industry. From that point on I decided that I couldn’t tell anyone that I was blind.”

Muffingate: The Absurdity of American Politics (and Life)


Gabe Durham captures everything great, terrible, and ludicrously random about America.

OG Gamer


Doug Ziegler argues that there’s more to video games than just mindless gaming.

Peter Capaldi Will Be The Twelfth Doctor


Popular actor and longtime fan to reverse trend of younger Doctors.

Men and Violence: One Woman’s Struggle to Understand


Lisa Levey sees violence in everyday life, violence in entertainment, and violence in her family and wants to know: “why”?

Gloving, Anyone?

the gloving sensation

A man named Hermes put ten LED strobe lights into the fingertips of his white gloves. Now it’s grown into a music phenomena and competitive sport. — From Soletron A new art form has arisen from the growing popularity of EDM music—glove lightshows or “gloving.” Gloving was first coined in 2006 when a man by the […]

What Exactly Are We Watching?


Surely we know the difference between entertainment and real life? How then, wonders Nathan Graziano, do we explain the collective conversation about the arrest of Aaron Hernandez for the murder of Odin Lloyd.