How the Creative Arts Make Me a Better Man (and an Invitation to Share Your Story)

3 ways the arts have changed my life.

Aladdin Magic Carpet Prank

It’s not everyday you see your favorite disney character riding down the street on his magic carpet…

The Dancing Lumberjack

When a lumberjack starts dancing with a log… it’s pure brilliance!

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James Bond Probably Has Brain Damage (How Could He Not?)

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Fast Forward 20 Years: Barbershop Quartet Style

Musical styles change dramatically over time. But people always enjoy looking back on the popular songs of the past. Here’s a sneak of what today’s hits may sound like to people 20 years from now…

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How to Make Time for Your Creative Work

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Raymond Bechard looks back to try to discover when and why we lost all hope—and how we can press the ‘reset’ button without annihilating ourselves in the process.

Oliver Stone Discusses “Nixon” And “JFK” At The Jacob Burns Film Center

Oliver Stone took to discussing his recent film, and how it shouldn’t be misinterpreted based on his intentions. Rich Monetti reviews, and weighs in here.

The Walking Dead is Really About the Beginning and End of the World we Live in Now

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