The Magic of True Consent

A more enthusiastic “yes,” a deeper connection with your lover, and a more accepting relationship with yourself. What’s not to love about consent?

The Hug that Ruined My Son’s Birthday Party

I don’t want my sons to learn that it is okay to force physical touch — not even it it’s family.

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The Manipulative Life Of Artificial Consent

Manipulation is the coward’s way out of being virtuous. Time to stop deluding ourselves that bitter consent is real.

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Three tips for turning “No” into no big deal and making “Yes” even sweeter.

Enthusiastic Consent (A Call for Submissions)

We believe a culture of consent goes far beyond the power of yes, and far beyond the scope of sexuality. What do you think?

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Talking to to Your Kids About Pornography

How do you have healthy, age-appropriate conversations with kids about pornography? Dr. Timaree Schmit offers a helpful guide for parents.

Getting a Yes (Instead of Avoiding a No) — The Standard of Enthusiastic Consent

Harris O’Malley asserts that enthusiastic consent is important not only for rape prevention, but also because it facilitates really, really great sex.

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Can we create a safer party culture for all?

Why It’s Dangerous to Say “Only Bad Guys Commit Rape”

It may be comforting to believe that all rapists are bad people, but in truth, rape most often happens between friends, lovers, acquaintances and pals.

“The Answer is No” – The Case for “Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Marianne examines whether the holiday standard “Baby It’s Cold Outside” is actually a song about sexual coercion.