The Myth and False Lesson of Independence


Why are we afraid of teaching young people how they relate to the network of human interaction? Why do we value our independence over our dependability?

Drive Less, Save Your Soul

Jackson Bliss, Good Men Project, Huffington Post UK, Driving, Driving and Narcissism, Entitled Drivers, Drivers are Assholes, Ethics and Values, Drive Less and Save Your Soul

Jackson Bliss explains why driving, social disconnection and cultural narcissism are all interconnected

Styles of Entitlement


Our entire culture feels entitled, but men and women have different ways of expressing it.

Does Wealth Breed Callousness? (Video)


Psychological researchers explore the affect money has on the brain.

“It’s not just porn, kids also see adult material easily through movie trailers, video games, TV channels, etc.”


Do you think the accessibility of sexual images is causing damage to the sexual health of the upcoming generation? Or do you think that it’s just a natural effect of living in a more liberated society? How did sexual images affect YOUR childhood?

Guess Who Created Your Little Bully?

maternity ward, parents, parenthood, mother and father, where bullying starts, domestic violence

Lisa Dixon-Wells, bullying prevention expert, on bullying behavior: how it starts, where it leads, how to stop it.

Why Do We Live With Lies in Marriage?


We’re fixated on infidelity, even entertained by it. But there are worse breaches of trust, unglamorous difficulties that stress and end marriages, problems our society tends to very badly.

Why Do Men Cheat?


Biology explains why men stray, but reason and affection hold the keys to happy, monogamous marriages between women and men.

Shame Is Why We Fight


When a man can’t soothe his woman’s anxieties, he has failed to protect her. And in our culture of masculinity, failed men are expendable.

The Appeal of “Bad Boys”

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Doctor NerdLove explains that what makes a “bad boy” so appealing isn’t his badness – it’s something even nice guys can do, too.

When Trust Is Lost Can You Find It Again?

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Some damage cannot be undone. Bill Cloke on what it takes to regain intimacy.

“The men and women who sit by their partners side at the hospital are the special ones.”

Safe Harbor Awards

This is a comment by Archy on the post “Can You Ever Really Make a Woman Feel Special?”

“Here’s a suggestion: if you don’t know the woman, shut the f*ck up. Tell your mother she has a nice ass.”


This is a comment by Mike on the post “Why Are Guys So Obsessed With My Butt?”

Nice Guys Part Two: Defining the Nice Guy(tm)

TweetI think one of the biggest problems with talking about Nice Guys™ (I’m using the term gender-inclusively) is that there are several different kinds of people who fall under the Nice Guy™ umbrella. Admittedly, some forms of Nice Guy™ will evolve into other forms of Nice Guy™, much like Pokemon, but if you don’t know […]

I May Have Actually Heard That

Picture 4

In the latest installment of ‘Believing in Boys,’ the class penetrates a brick wall of entitlement.