Trying to Avoid Failure By Never Starting is a Dead-end Road

Many times we get ourselves into a mental trap where not moving forward seems safe. It isn’t.

5 Marketing Blunders Almost Everyone Makes

Chances are you are making one or more of these mistakes in your marketing. Knowing what they are can make all the difference.

The Entrepreneurial Dad

How dads can leave a lasting legacy for their children. — Over forty years ago, my dad began a business in our hometown. For it to remain a thriving business in today’s economy says a lot about his skills as an entrepreneur and businessman. Initially, I was put off by his determination. The problem was […]

An Introvert’s Guide To Personal Success

If the world seems to demand that you become something you’re not, don’t worry. You can be authentic and follow your own path to success.

Business Terminology… Revealed!

Ever ask yourself what the heck that entrepreneur is saying? Well, now you know!

5 Reasons Every Man Should Have a Side Hustle

View image | Too many men are frustrated and not engaged in their careers. Starting a side hustle is a low risk way to find something that is right for you. — Kent was working as a youth pastor and had achieved some success. He got promoted a couple of times and was a leader […]

5 Tips For Jumping From Employee To Entrepeneur

When coaching yourself to success, don’t forget to build the right foundation.

Married to a Workaholic – A Life Alone

He’s a driven entrepreneur, stuck in the Man Box idea that his worth is in his work. She’s worried about his health and their relationship. Sound familiar?

Reading (Less) And Doing More

Learning in itself doesn’t yield huge returns. Action is what makes the learning count.

Does Your Workplace Encourage a Culture of Codependency?

A dysfunctional culture can doom your organization to mediocrity or outright failure. How can you tell if you should be worried?

When Do Your Strongest Success Traits Make You Codependent?

Startling but true, these success-driven behaviors can be your worst dysfunctional nightmare.

A Beginner’s Guide to Working Online as a Freelance Marketer While Traveling the World

These days, it seems like nearly everyone is living the freelance dream. Why not you?

It Doesn’t Pay To Drive Your Business While Distracted

Not all distractions are external. In business we have enough challenges without letting our own minds get in the way of success.

The Man Without a Goal

For the first time in his life, Jim Mitchem is without a goal. And he finds it fairly terrifying.

Hey Mr. Aspiring Entrepreneur, Here’s a More Fulfilling Way To Hustle

The most effective way to hustle is to think about what you can give, not what you can get from others.

The Truth About Careers

You can be happy in life, but, it will require you to step out of your comfort zone. _________ What does it mean to be happy in life? Really. Is it more money? Better cars, houses, and stuff? What is it? This question stems from my realization that life is more than being born, working, […]