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When People Trump Everything Else


Who you have in your life affects what you do. Here are some keys to maintaining good relationships.  — Think about this for a moment–All relationships are not important. If all relationships are important, no relationship will be important. Leaders who genuinely care for people, consistently live out vision, and selflessly help others reach their […]

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Seven Business Lessons From a Reluctant Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur Article

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Why Do Ambitious Women Have Flat Heads?

TED Talk Why do Ambitious Women Have Flat Heads?

Dame Stephanie Shirley is the most successful tech entrepreneur you never heard of.

4 Ways to Beat Procrastination Now!


You can get more accomplished than you ever dreamed possible. — It happens to us all. We badly want to get something done. We tell ourselves that we will definitely do something or finish something, but we take our time in getting started. We tell ourselves, “I’ll do it in a few minutes,” and then […]

Enter the Mind of An Introverted Entrepreneur


Wanting that time alone might mean you’re special. — The unfortunate reality (even in the 21st century) is that introverts have yet to be fully accepted by the majority. It doesn’t help as a man since society expects so much more from us. Sometimes, we even face discrimination because we don’t live up to our culture’s definition […]

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journey in the clouds

5 Lessons every entrepreneur learns — the sooner the better.

How to Identify the Entrepreneur Within You


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Why I Stepped Back From Building My Dream

When to Step by Rieje Swart

Jason Pockrandt stepped into fatherhood by stepping back, at least for now, from entrepreneurship.