Procreation, Sex Drive, and the Business of Creation

The drive to create a business or other works of greatness may come from a surprising place.

Finding the Power to Dream Again

Something quiet roars within our being, reminding us there is something greater, something more. I have lived nearly three and a half decades now and have witnessed many personal dreams crash and burn, as many other people have seen in their own lives. I have watched as precious dreams faded off into wherever they go, passed on […]

The Four Secrets About Setting Boundaries That Will Return You to Happiness as a Divorced Dad

Setting boundaries is not easy, and most men avoid it. Bill Douglas tells you four secrets about them that will help you regain control of your life.

Entrepreneurs Write Their Own Stories

Am I the protagonist of my own story?

Why Having an Opinion Isn’t the Same as Thinking

Does the sheep really care that the lion doesn’t care about his opinion, and other challenges you’ve probably never considered.

Starting a Business: Assume You Know Nothing

When you start to think you know it all, something will happen to make you believe you don’t know anything at all.

6 Things this Man Will Never do Again for Success

In spite of his list of successes for 2015 he’s determined he’ll never again sacrifice health and family to make it happen.

The Real Person Behind the Facades of Success

How our layers of roles and personas create a wall between us, happiness, and success.

Unrealistic Expectations: Startups, Young Men, and Suicide

Telling only one side of the entrepreneur story does way more harm than good.

How Keeping It Bottled Up Can Kill The Divorced Entrepreneur

Bill Douglas’s divorce demoralized him to the point that he could not operate as an entrepreneur. He overcame it, and now he seeks to help others do the same.

The Power of Knowing Your Entrepreneurial Focus

It is very difficult to focus on a business mission and yourself at the same time. Clarity makes all the difference.

How You Can Succeed Despite Living With OCD

Living with an illness like OCD is not easy. Yet there is hope and every chance for success.

The Best Gift A Workaholic Can Give This Holiday

Choosing between work and celebrating the holidays can be tough. But do we have to choose?

Lessons on Productive Pessimism and Leadership from C-3PO

Star Wars is a story that gives us some powerful lessons. Sometimes the weakest leaders can teach us the most.

The Dead-End Road in the Search For Who We Are

When we run into setbacks, we sometimes don’t see a path forward. Cultural expectations are often the cause.

3 Things You Can Do To Jump-Start 2016 Right Now

How to hit the ground running in 2016. (If you are already in holiday mode, you may want to reconsider.)