Why I’m Teaching My Son to be an Entrepreneur- While My Wife Tries To Get Him a Job

Father and Son at work

This father is an entrepreneur at heart, but that isn’t the only reason he wants to teach his son to run a business. He believes it’s what men need to teach their sons in this economy.

Giving Old Wine Bottles A New Life

Giving Old Wine Bottles A New Life PhotoAtelier:Flcikr

Empty the wine bottles and make them into a glasses. Innovative art combined with recycling.

A Man’s Net Worth – What Price Should We Put on Freedom?

Father and son on the beach

With “Let Freedom Ring” still echoing in our ears, today seems like a good time to ask what freedom really is and what’s it worth to the bottom line.

Not My Circus, Not My Monkeys – Avoiding Dramas and Distractions That Can Kill Your Day


You’ve heard it before, but here’s how to use the power of words to make it more effective. Because the last thing you need is another monkey on your back.

I’ll Trade You a Coffee for the Contents of Your Brain

Picked Brain

How valuable is your brain? International Business Coach, Dixie Gillaspie, helps you field the offers of “I’ll buy you a cup of coffee if you’ll let me pick your brain.”

Do Small-Town Entrepreneurs Hold the Answer to Our Nation’s Woes?


Michael Glauser is embarking on a country-wide bike tour where he will interview small-town entrepreneurs about how to succeed in a global economy.

Elon Musk Blows My Mind

Elon Musk

Ken Goldstein tells us why the pioneer behind PayPal, Tesla Motors, and SpaceX is guy-crush worthy. And why he’s worth emulating.

From Poker to Roses: How David Daneshgar Cashed in his Chips for Social Good

2006 World Series of Poker

In 2006, David Daneshgar was one of the top 5 poker players in the world. Now he’s dedicated to helping out his local florists.

Two Ways Entrepreneurs Can Avoid Failing Their First Customer

man in the mirror-John AM Nueva-flickr

It’s important for those who seek to employ and empower themselves to fully grasp who they are and what they’re doing.

3 Things Entrepreneurs can Learn from Watching Wrestling

taker-jonathan bachman-ap

The backstage of professional wrestling can teach critical business strategies that have proven to work across industries.

WhatsApp in the Ukraine–When Masculine Paradigms Collide

Ukraine Protest

This week Ukraine is in the news demonstrating competing masculine paradigms. The clash of the titans is being played out across the globe.

Former Businessman Yusuf Randera-Rees, Supports South African Entrepreneurs and Helps a Whole Town In the Process (Video)

Yusuf Randera-Rees

South African local leaves behind his high paying Wall-Street job to return to South Africa and support the entrepreneurs of one of the poorest villages.

When a Man’s Responsibility Has Gone, What Is There Left for Him?

widowers, divorce, men and marriage, men and responsibility, gender roles, traditional gender roles, traditional marriage, male disposability, male toughness, masculinity, manhood

Men keep going out of a sense of duty. What happens when that’s no longer enough?

The American Phoenix

American bald eagle, American culture, American identity, independence, America, values, reincarnation, reinvention, life change, second careers

America’s strength is its ability to reinvent itself.

A Dad. Two Young Sons. And the Story of the Book They Wrote and Published Together


The creative journey of Henry Herz and his sons.