Study: Ocean Life Faces Extinction


A team of scientists, in a groundbreaking analysis of data from hundreds of sources, has concluded that humans are on the verge of causing unprecedented damage to the oceans and the animals living in them.

Holy Volcano, Batman! Massive Eruption Caught on Film

Holy Volcano by bacobjee

How many times have you watched a volcano blow its top?

The Economic Cost of Climate Change: Time for New Math

flooding-climate change

Economists underestimate the social cost of carbon by ignoring climate change’s impact on the rate of economic growth, Stanford researchers find.

Preparedness Simplified

disaster prep

Disaster preparedness for those with a busy life.

City vs. Country Minimalism


What kind of environment does minimalism thrive in? Leo Babauta argues for all types.

Living Without Water, Until Surfers Changed His Life


There is a big world out there to explore and Sammy the grommet from Sumba is keen to see it all.

We Did it For the Wild – a Birthday Note to Our Daughter

tree and sol

Successful entrepreneurs, advocates for the environment — living “like footloose gypsies” and raising their daughter to be a “citizen of the world.”

The True Cost of Fuel

1gas pump

Leo Babauta asks, “What would happen if fuel prices suddenly became not just expensive but ridiculous? What if gas shot up to $20 per gallon?”

Conventional Economics is a Form of Brain Damage

economy is crazy

David Suzuki explains the fallacy of conventional economics, in an interview done for the BBC.

Deck the Halls with Parasites and Invasive Species


Give your family a winter mood boost by going into nature and collecting your own holiday flora

Winter Steelheading: An Angler’s Guide


Randall Bonner, with tips and techniques for fishing for winter steelhead

What if We Cared About the Environment the Way We Cared About Sports?


“All I’ve ever wanted is a son who joins Earth Club!”

Living off the Grid: Starting From Scratch (Part 3)


Energizing your off-grid homestead.

Book Review: “I’ve Never Met an Idiot on The River” by Henry Winkler

Author Henry Winkler demonstrates how not to hold a fish for a photo.

Randall Bonner finds a personal connection to Henry Winkler’s book about fishing.

A Strange Evening Walk With a Man Who Doesn’t Miss Much

park light

The place surrounding you, this is your environment, walk. The details that inspire are there to be found.

Ozone Hole Closing for the Year

alaska sky

…but full recovery is decades away.