Renewable Energy Infrastructure Could Save $210 Million in Public Health Expenditure

Very few people have any idea of the quantifiable health impacts of fossil fuel. Switching alternative energy source can save thousands of lives and billions of dollars.

Reducing Fossil Fuel Exposure in Your Investment Portfolio as Easy as 1-2-3

Significant momentum exists for collaboration between governments and corporate organisations to act on climate change. This growing initiative, growing on a daily basis, is seen in social media platforms

Complacency is Not an Option for the Environment

The Encyclical elucidates and reinforces the need for all of us to act. Complacency is not an option.

Save Our Species: How Can we Ensure a Future For Your Children and Grandchildren

We can no longer use more and more of the earth’s resources. We live on a finite planet and endless growth is not a formula for economic success, but a cancer.

Green Living Eco Friendliness: Why It’s Masculine and Attractive

A green man understands if destructive living continues we won’t be able to sustain our bodies, our communities, or even the earth as a whole and they won’t stand for it anymore. That’s sexy as hell.

Grizzly Bear Embraces Lazy Sunday, Decides To Just Roll Down Hill

In another testament to animals personifying humans, a Grizzly Bear indulges their inner cub.

Why Are the Bees Dying? A Beautifully Illustrated Video Shows How It Is Parasites, Poison and Humans

The honey bee is much more important than you might think. In fact, our human society is founded upon their importance. And the scary part is – they might not be around for much longer.

Rewilding Your Senses with Earth Strength

Can you move the body and still the mind freely in nature? Aren’t you curious?

How Shaving Can Be an Exercise in Reducing Our Environmental Impact

After becoming a self-professed environmentalist at 20, Vinodh Valluri changed his shaving habits so he could feel more accountable to the planet.

Prevent An Epidemic Of Short-Sighted Kids: Another Reason for Dads to Get Kids Outside

Bright light outdoors stimulates the release of the retinal transmitter, dopamine, which has a protective effect.

When It Comes to the Environment, Minority Communities Care about More than Injustice

Environmental organizations remain predominately white in part because they are not connecting with the actual concerns of minorities. After Pope Francis’ encyclical, that needs to change.

A New Way to Spend Summer by the Shore

Climate change might just bring the shore to the vacationers.

China Modernizing Its Economy

China is the world’s largest greenhouse gas emitter, so reduction policies are tremendously important signals to the world, says Dr. Anthony Horton.

California Cracks 10,000-Megawatt (MW) Solar Capacity Mark

California is showing the world how to create clean energy jobs and protect the environment.

Forests Could Be Another Carbon Source, Thanks to Climate Change

If the situation gets worse, forests could actually start emitting carbon, instead of absorbing it, says Dr. Anthony Horton.

Like Your Coffee? You Might Need to Find an Alternative

Dr. Anthony Horton explains how coffee production causes deforestation, land degradation, and resource depletion.