Have You Ever Been Carried by a Whale? [video]


What would you do if you were kayaking and met two giant whales?

What Do Circumcision And Strip Mining Have In Common?

strip mining vs circumcision

Forcefully removing that which we have no right to remove.

Step Lightly Upon This World

step lightly

It’s something we’ve forgotten in hundreds of years of striving to achieve more, to produce more, to build bigger and better things.

Ever Wondered How to Build a Chicken Coop?

chicken coop

Why would you want to build a chicken coop? Why, to house chickens of course. Here are some benefits to having chickens in your own backyard.

The Challenges Ahead for Brazil now the World Cup is Over


The 2014 World Cup in Brazil is over. It brought much joy, and huge disappointment for the hosts – perhaps even worse than the Maracanazo in 1950.

You’ve Never Seen Anchovies Like This Before [Video]


The dark shapes in the water aren’t shadows. They are fish. Lots of fish.

Caribbean Island Buried by Eruption Goes Green with Volcano Power


Crippled by high fuel costs, Montserrat has sought help from its greatest threat: the volcano that almost destroyed the island 20 years ago.

“I Need My Space”: Why Environment Matters When Creating

creation, artistry, creative space

The environment I am a part of is draining me. I find that the amount of productivity I experience in a shared, community creation space is much more powerful than any times I try to work from home.

Making Peace with the Coming Collapse


It’s the world’s largest social movement. Jed Diamond explains what it is, why it’s desperately important, and why it’s remained largely invisible.

Edward Abbey, I Loved it … I loved it All!

I loved it I loved it all snowpeak:Flickr

“There are some places so beautiful they can make a grown man break down and weep. I know because this is my part of my home. I belong here.” — Edward Abbey

How Does Your Garden Grow? Our DIY of the Day: A Raised Garden Bed


Make it easy for your whole family to enjoy fresh vegetables.

People On The Move: What To Do About All The Homeless People?

Kosovo Refugees

A travel experience caused Dr. Jed Diamond to reflect on the staggering amount of refugees and displaced persons in our world today.

Three Simple Reasons why Climate Change is Real, and Humans are Causing It


The history of our climate is a good guide to realise that human-induced climate change is happening. It is hard to argue against the evidence.

A Whale Set Free Says ‘Thank You’ as Only a Whale Can


Three sailors work for hours to free a Humpback Whale entangled in a deadly net. The whale is clearly overjoyed.

“Are animals here for our amusement and entertainment?”


What Kind of Company Tells SeaWorld “Thanks For the Order, But We Don’t Want Your Money?”