Farewell Dave, Hope you Enjoy some Time outside the Office


Legendary talk show host David Letterman summarizes the life cycle of steelhead in two words. “Small towns.”

In a Time of Drought, a Call to Rethink Lawns


Americans love their lawns but are lawns good for America, particularly in drought-stricken areas? A look at our grassy love affair and what might be better alternatives.

Camping and the Stories that Make Us


One weekend, four people, one tent. Family camping. Do I need to say more?

Indonesia Focusing on Forest Protection in the Lead-Up to Paris


Indonesia’s national moratorium protecting some of its forests shows the country is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, but Dr. Anthony Horton says there’s room for more improvement.

Water, Movement, and Community


Earth Strength, where walking to get water is a daily pilgrimage.

‘Overview’: A Planetary Perspective


We’re on a planet that breathes, pulsing with water and soil and love. We’re on a planet that cradles life without demand, turn after turn … We’re on a planet that is running out: out of water, out of air, out of time.

Call for Submissions: Invest in the Environmental Conversation!


The environment section is growing and we need your views on nature.

Boiling Point


Jesse Kornbluth reviews a book that lays down the truth about climate change.

Pakistan Confronts Fear of Floods and Droughts


Pakistan faces an estimated cost of $35 billion to recover and rebuild after five years of severe, consecutive floods.

Bites and Rashes: Things to Avoid While Seeking Outdoor Adventures


This summer, protect your body’s biggest organ… your skin.

Could California’s Climate Goals Go up in Smoke?


Will reducing greenhouse emissions help prevent wildfires?

The Wonders of the Deep

The Wonders by Quartz

Scientists discovered new creatures in the deep waters off the coast of Puerto Rico. This is why protecting our oceans is a priority.

The Return of the Spring

0587, swallow, gloucestershire

If you look carefully the signs of Spring’s return are all around us right now.

Think Climate Change Isn’t Your Problem? Think Again.


While extreme weather may have not brought devastation to your door, it may have significantly cost you already.

Bass Fishing from Small Crafts


Small crafts for BIG bass. Affordable, light and compact, applying the right watercraft can pay off for anglers.

Place Matters


So much of our global culture is based on a radical denial of place.