Where Are Our Warriors for the Environment?

eco warrior II by flickrfavorites

Eco-defenders don’t care about gender. What matters to them is simple: survival.

America Burning: The Yarnell Hill Fire Tragedy and the Nation’s Wildfire Crisis


Urban sprawl is colliding with wildlands and the result is an unprecedented loss of life and property due to fire. This Weather Channel documentary tells the human story.

Trading Hope for Action


Let’s live as if we appreciate the others in our lives, human and otherwise.

Call for Submissions: Environment


Neil Hill, our Environment Editor, wants to read your work.

Protecting the Common Good

The last Polar Bear

Dr. Guy McPherson believes that if humanity is measured in its ability to protect the common good, we’re failing.

Questioning Culture: American Empire

Flag 2

Maintaining American Empire requires three fundamental elements. Which are you participating in?

Questioning Culture: When Personal Happiness Brings Suffering to Others


Do our current lifestyles violate the Socratic notion of Good?

Questioning Culture: Shades of Existential Gray


How do we distinguish what we want from what we need?

Questioning Culture: The Long Littleness of Life


Professor Guy McPherson on how we use distractions to make our lives meaningful.

Painting a Red Town Green

Knoxville sign Joelk75 2013_08_13

The incredible true story of Knoxville politics bending toward sustainability, and how the city is already reaping the benefits.

Climate Change & Human Trafficking


A destroyed environment is often the perfect environment for modern-day slavery

Warming Up To Global Warming


How to engage positively with global warming skeptics.

Father-to-Father With Andrew Ference

andrew-ference-1-22-12.AP Photo

Radio personality Showtime sits down with NHL defensive legend, and Stanley Cup winner, Andrew Ference to talk man-to-man about fatherhood, success, sports and recycling.

Demanding Feminist Perfection From Men

Screen Shot 2012-10-09 at 9.00.39 PM

Lynn Beisner knows her husband isn’t the perfect feminist, but he is the best man she could imagine loving.

Video: The World Is Full

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In ecological terms, Paul Gilding says that we are spending 150% of what we make. That’s not a responsible way to run one household’s expenses. When the household is the whole world, the questions of how we use resources are more than personal.

Moral Hazard


Occupy Wall Street reveals an unlikely lesson for fathers. Jim Wallis reports from Zuccotti Park.