How I Came to Be a Greenie

As I grow older, I’m actually becoming more of a greenie. I guess I finally realized: this earth is our home. And it’s the only one we get.

Be on the Lookout for More Jobs Thanks to Solar Energy

Job growth in the US solar industry has grown 123% since 2010.

Hawaiian Secrets to Save the World

Teaching our children to save the planet by respecting each other and the land like the Hawaiians did.

Neil deGrasse Tyson, Coolest Guy Ever, Answers 1st Grader’s Very Important Question

Parents may not love this advice, but Dr. deGrasse Tyson hits the nail on the head on how little kids can change the world.

Life in a Tank—Amazing Illustration Shows What It’s Like

Do you dare to let your imagination take you there?

What Kind of Company Tells SeaWorld “Thanks For the Order, But We Don’t Want Your Money?”

In a quiet revolution, one company stands up to the mega-giant. We discuss their decision, their vision, and their nomadic lifestyle in the wilds of the world.

Once We Had Paradise

Can humanity adapt ancient knowledge to displace the culture of destruction?

Tiny Home, Big Dreams

With no background in construction, Alek Lisefski fulfilled a dream for himself and his girlfriend by building their dream home: a 240 square foot house.

How to Market to the Deep Greens, Lazy Greens, and Not-So-Greens

Shel Horowitz talks about how to market green and sustainable practices to every type of person.

Why Are These Men Playing with Trash For A Living? [Video]

Dillan DiGiovanni describes a job that requires men to use both finesse and brute strength to clean trash from trees.

Where Are Our Warriors for the Environment?

Eco-defenders don’t care about gender. What matters to them is simple: survival.

America Burning: The Yarnell Hill Fire Tragedy and the Nation’s Wildfire Crisis

Urban sprawl is colliding with wildlands and the result is an unprecedented loss of life and property due to fire. This Weather Channel documentary tells the human story.

Trading Hope for Action

Let’s live as if we appreciate the others in our lives, human and otherwise.

Call for Submissions: Environment

Neil Hill, our Environment Editor, wants to read your work.

Protecting the Common Good

Dr. Guy McPherson believes that if humanity is measured in its ability to protect the common good, we’re failing.

Questioning Culture: American Empire

Maintaining American Empire requires three fundamental elements. Which are you participating in?