Are We Asking Too Much From Government?

Is it possible that no entity is capable of sufficiently fulfilling the demands we’ve placed on the US government? A fact- and figure-free essay of inquiry.

New EPA Rules Are A Breath Of Fresh Air

Anthony Horton on how the new EPA rules are on the right track to environmental consciousness.

What Is the Real Threat to Grid Reliability?

Electric substations near coastlines worldwide are already at risk from rising sea levels and will likely become more vulnerable as temperatures increase.

Polishing a Path to a Better Future

There are four climate change critical economies: Brazil, Russia, India, and China

James Inhofe a Not-So Sly Fox Set to Guard the Henhouse

Who thought it was a good idea to have a climate change denier oversee the EPA?

8 Ways Leonardo DiCaprio Proves He Is The Wolf Of Saving Our Planet

Leonardo DiCaprio, once again stealing all of our hearts and saving the planet at the same time.

California Halts Injection of Fracking Waste, Warning it May Be Contaminating Aquifers

California officials have ordered an emergency shut-down of 11 oil and gas waste injection sites and a review more than 100 others in the state’s drought-wracked Central Valley out of fear that companies may have been pumping fracking fluids and other toxic waste into drinking water aquifers there.

The GMO Labeling Movement is a Fraud

Strip away the layers and follow the money to find the truth behind the GMO labelling campaign.

Let’s Give Congress a Workout

David Stanley suggests that if Congress considers its private gym essential during the shutdown, the American people should make sure our representatives make good use of it.

A Nevada Tribe’s Epic Battle To Replace A Deadly Coal Plant With Solar

Despite all of the suffering, and the long and often seemingly hopeless battle that the Moapa Paiutes have waged against the Reid-Gardner plant, theirs is not just a story of an underprivileged community being exploited by a big company.

Sailing with Bob

Jake DiMare went looking for sailing and found so much more.

The Evolution of an Activist

For Margo Pellegrino, ocean conservation is about protecting her children’s future.