How Do You Really Handle Failure?

Theresa Byrne helps you examine how you handle disappointment. Do you have “emotional competency”?

DIY #EpicFail—Because You Could Use a Laugh Today

This is why we have a #DIY section—so you won’t do any of this at home!

One Man’s Deeply, Deeply Personal Year in Review

JJ Vincent reflects on 2013 and the things he didn’t accomplish.

Church Sign Epic Fails, “Beer in Hell” Edition

The biggest challenge of beer in hell is keeping it cold. Maybe that’s why it’s hell…

Church Sign Epic Fails, Advent Onslaught (Video)

I’m still not exactly sure how Kirk Cameron worked his way into my Church signs video, but we can all be thankful, regardless.

Church Sign Epic Fails, Faith vs. Reason Throwdown (Video)

If Jesus and Stephen Hawking went head-to-head in the octagon, which one would not hit first? Watch this breakdown of the Faith and Reason battle royale to find out!

Church Sign Epic Fails, Video Debut

Step to the curb, Talk Soup and Tosh.O, because there’s a new smartass in town…

Today, we have a face-off between faith and reason, as some seem to feel like having both coexist is a physical impossibility.