6 Life Lessons from “The Wolf of Wall Street”

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Dr. Jed Diamond asks: What part of the wolf lives in you?

Why ED was the Best Thing to Happen to My Intimacy

Good Men Project, intimacy, ED, erectile dysfunction, self-overcoming, Michael J. Russer, discovering true intimacy, female orgams, sexual satisfaction, orgasm

Sex is not the same thing as intimacy. Michael J. Russer explores the ignored connection between true intimacy and self-overcoming

“Performance Anxiety” is More Common Than You Think

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Dr. Aqualus Gordon explains the science and psychology behind Erectile Dysfunction… and what you can do about it.

7 Critical Health Realities Men Face Today

male medicine

Jed Diamond, PhD, discusses critical health issues for men and the need for gender based medicine.

The Princess and the Pea


A tale of a princess, a woodsman, and his magical … chopper.

How Losing My Manhood Made Me a Better Man


Soft and spectacular: Michael Russer explains how Erectile Dysfunction enabled him and his partner to soar to unimagined heights of intimacy.

The 3 Worst Techniques to Last Longer in Bed

staying hard longer, ejaculatory control, kegel exercises, kegels for men, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, sex tips

Searching the internet for sex advice on delaying ejaculation, to stay hard longer? We thought so. Here are three things that don’t work, and why (as well as some advice that does.)

7 Tips To Bring Back Your Virility the Natural Way


Dr. Stephen Petteruti talks about some non-pill-based ways to address erectile problems.

Why Men Don’t Always Want Sex

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Believe it or not, men are not always in the mood. Sex educator Ken Melvoin-Berg helps turn this unfortunate situation into an opportunity for exploration and fun.

The Best Don’t Ask For Help (and Other Lies)


John Jones thought he wouldn’t be much if he didn’t become a father. Without his daughter, he might not be here at all.

Erectile Dysfunction: When Pills Don’t Work and Surgery (Yeah, You’d Rather Not)


What if there were a drug-free—incision-free!—way to obtain and maintain erections? There is.

Cocks Rock Part Three: Performance Issues

TweetDISCLAIMER: Since there seems to have been some confusion in the comments about this point: this is a series, from a woman’s perspective, about the cocks of men who have sex with women. While I have some experience with heterosexual sex and the insecurities straight men may experience, I have no firsthand experience of the sex […]

The Psychology of Erectile Dysfunction

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For 25 percent of men with ED, medication can be ineffective—since their difficulties are largely psychological. To avoid performance anxiety, men and their partners should reframe their ideas of good sex.

The 10 at 10

Barry Bonds

Barry Bonds walks again, BYU is in trouble, and living rooms are becoming extinct.

The Blessings of Erectile Dysfunction

Vader Erectile Dysfunction Schwyzer

Erectile dysfunction shouldn’t necessarily send you running to the doctor for a Viagra prescription. Run-of-the-mill ED might just improve your sex life in the long run.

Spider Venom: A New Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction?


Some of the world’s deadliest spiders are sneaking into grocery stores in banana crates. The good news? They induce long-lasting erections.