#whatyounevertaught: 5 Ways to Make Sex Ed Better for Boys


Why should boys be left to learn the hard way about real issues regarding sex and relationships?

The Only Sex Tip Every Man Needs

Self-control goes a long way

The greatest sex tip ever for improving your relationship. No, this is not an ad!

Presence vs. Performance in the Pursuit of Extraordinary Sex

Good Men Project, Michael J. Russer, Performance v Presence, True Intimacy, Being Present with Your Lover, Making Love, Performance Anxiety

The obsession with male performance in the bedroom is a misguided intimacy killer. Michael J. Russer explains why

The Princess and the Pea


A tale of a princess, a woodsman, and his magical … chopper.

Married Man Muses Over His First Full-Body Massage


The thought of getting his first full-body massage gives blogger Kevin Harris the giggles and shits.

Erectile Dysfunction: When Pills Don’t Work and Surgery (Yeah, You’d Rather Not)


What if there were a drug-free—incision-free!—way to obtain and maintain erections? There is.

Cocks Rock Part Three: Performance Issues

DISCLAIMER: Since there seems to have been some confusion in the comments about this point: this is a series, from a woman’s perspective, about the cocks of men who have sex with women. While I have some experience with heterosexual sex and the insecurities straight men may experience, I have no firsthand experience of the sex […]

The Top 5 Myths About the Penis

penis myths

In the interest of pleasure, of happiness, of education and fun, Hugo Schwyzer smashes some pervading falsehoods about the male sex organ.

The Blessings of Erectile Dysfunction

Vader Erectile Dysfunction Schwyzer

Erectile dysfunction shouldn’t necessarily send you running to the doctor for a Viagra prescription. Run-of-the-mill ED might just improve your sex life in the long run.

Swearing Off Porn Saved My Sex Life

Dude Looking at Laptop

Habitual porn use can affect a guy’s ability to perform in real-life sexual situations. Here’s one guy’s story.

Spider Venom: A New Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction?


Some of the world’s deadliest spiders are sneaking into grocery stores in banana crates. The good news? They induce long-lasting erections.

Down, Boy!

New study shows a link between erectile dysfunction treatment and high-risk sexual behavior.