Can Federal Prison Reform Actually Happen?


Most of the major players seem to be on board. Will prison reform succeed where other big ideas have failed?

DOJ to Schools: Stop Sending Kids to Jail for Breaking Discipline Rules

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Here’s why the Justice Department needed to intervene in student discipline.

To the Supremes: Hands Off Affirmative Action


Professor Warren Blumenfeld believes revoking Affirmative Action could cause disastrous consequences.

ALEC Doubles Down on its Support For ‘Less Draconian’ Prison Sentences

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On Friday, ALEC came forward with its support for shorter prison sentences for low-level offenders, likely hoping to change its image.

Why Go Easy on Junkies?


Reforming mandatory minimum sentences for low-level drug offenders.

How A Little-Known Agency Is Taking Crucial Steps To Reduce Drug Sentences

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The U.S. Sentencing Commission voted unanimously on Thursday to consider its own major reform to its guidelines.

US Attorney General Set to Announce End to Mandatory Minimum Sentences for Non-Violent, Low-Level Drug Charges

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Attorney General Eric Holder is calling for major changes to the nation’s criminal justice system.

Justice Department Head Resolves to Protect Voting Rights

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Holder vows to challenge voter suppression efforts after Supreme Court ruling

GOP Congressman Supports Move to Restore Voting Rights Act In Texas

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Sensenbrenner says Justice Department move is consistent with Voting Rights Act; increased litigation “major consequence” of SCOTUS ruling

Voices Raised Against Racial Dissonance

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As an everyday Black man in America, Dr. Donald E Grant Jr. thanks President Obama and Mr. Holder for looking into the Souls of Black Folk and speaking their truths.

SCOTUS Rules on Voting Rights Act

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Here is a quick explanation of what the Supreme Court’s ruling means.

Are You in the Marijuana Majority?


An interview with drug law reform activist and Marijuana Majority board member, Shaleen Title.

In This Hour of Danger: Civil Liberties and the Eternal Threat of Terror

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Should government powers include the right to assassinate citizens as the way to fight terror? No, says Brian Earp, and here’s why.

Fast and Furious – Sympathy for the POTUS?

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The timing of the Fast and Furious investigation may be cause for GOP concern.

George Zimmerman Will Be Tried In Death of Trayvon Martin (Updated)

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George Zimmerman to face criminal charges in the death of Trayvon Martin. Also breaking news: Eric Holder announces a parallel investigation into a violation of the civil rights of Trayvon Martin, just as Zimmerman’s lawyers resign as his counsel.

The Left and Right Must Come Together Over Trayvon Martin

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T.J. McCormack believes that if we truly want a post-racist society, both the left and the right need to drop the rhetoric and up the compassion, and meet somewhere in the middle.