Who Plays the Race Card? The Trust Gap Between Blacks and Whites

Dr. Vibe and a group of black men discuss the “race card” issue between black and white Americans.

Attorney General Eric Holder Set to Retroactively Reduce Drug Sentences

The proposal is part of a broader rethinking of criminal justice policy within the Obama administration.

Attorney General Holder Requires Recording of Interrogations, Unlike New York City

A new Department of Justice policy says federal agents must record interrogations, as a way to protect against coercion and false confessions.

Sentenced to Wait: Efforts to End Prison Rape Stall Again

The Prison Rape Elimination Act was passed in Washington 2003. It still hasn’t been fully implemented.

Minister Makes Prison Reform his Mission

Hans Hallundbaek helps ex-felons re-enter society while raising vital questions about the prison system.

Watch: Eric Holder Vows Criminal Charges Against Banks, ‘No Such Thing as Too Big to Jail’

Holder said he is personally monitoring the ongoing investigations into financial institutions and is “resolved to seeing them through.”

Watch: Eric Holder Unveils Plan to Fix America’s Racist Justice System

Finally, America has an Attorney General who “gets it”.

Can Federal Prison Reform Actually Happen?

Most of the major players seem to be on board. Will prison reform succeed where other big ideas have failed?

DOJ to Schools: Stop Sending Kids to Jail for Breaking Discipline Rules

Here’s why the Justice Department needed to intervene in student discipline.

To the Supremes: Hands Off Affirmative Action

Professor Warren Blumenfeld believes revoking Affirmative Action could cause disastrous consequences.

ALEC Doubles Down on its Support For ‘Less Draconian’ Prison Sentences

On Friday, ALEC came forward with its support for shorter prison sentences for low-level offenders, likely hoping to change its image.

Why Go Easy on Junkies?

Reforming mandatory minimum sentences for low-level drug offenders.

How A Little-Known Agency Is Taking Crucial Steps To Reduce Drug Sentences

The U.S. Sentencing Commission voted unanimously on Thursday to consider its own major reform to its guidelines.