Masculinity and Competitiveness: Why I Quit Playing Video Games

Oliver Lee Bateman thought he was immune to the ill effects of competitiveness. Then he got involved in e-gaming.

Why Mitt Romney Isn’t Wrong

Mitt Romney let slip the big debate/campaign secret: you can’t win or lose, much less be right or wrong. It’s nothing but a word game on top of a mess of details that will make all the seemingly impossible big points work out in the end.

Fifty Shades of Being a Mom

Erik Hinton’s latest story touches on Skyrim, Fifty Shades of Grey, Call of Duty, Nicholson Baker, motherhood, and everything else that’s hot right now.

Letter to My Mother

In the first of a series of epistolary short fictions, Erik Hinton explores hipster life in the Big Apple.

Lessons from the Diablo Auction House: Mass Media as Folk Media

Erik Hinton discusses how the critical response to Diablo 3 can help us understand the problems faced by mainstream journalists.

Why is the Moustache Club of America on the Good Men Project?

The Moustache Club of America is now appearing on The Good Men Project. What’s up with that?

The Totality of Things

Dear Brian Powell, I have something I’d like you to consider for your next film. You have always been about envelope pushing, pulling, mauling and disemboweling and, if I do say so myself, this piece drips envelope viscera. It’s a rough refutation of conventional ontology. INT. HOSPITAL ROOM – NIGHT The Spin Doctors’ immortal Two […]

Home Improvement

Dear Babes in Wolfland, I write to you as an insulted and eracinated consumer of your music. Having been weened — culturally and spiritually, not infantiley — on Babes in Wolfland music, your new EP came as an unwelcome rape to my fragile aesthetic sensibility. See, when I was ten I scraped together enough coin […]