Flying Dadless


Erik Proulx is parenting without a script—or a father’s influence. And he’s doing a damn good job.

365 Days: A Year in Happy Valley


Film Director Erik Proulx is spending a year documenting post-Sandusky State College, PA.

The Best of GMP’s Family and Relationship Writing

Screen Shot 2012-08-30 at 5.18.44 PM

Some of our favorite stories about men’s relationships with the partners and their families.

Open Thread: What Sort of Father Was Your Dad?

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What type of father was your dad? What’s your best memory of him? As a parent, will you learn from his mistakes or try to be just like him?

To the Father I Never Knew on Father’s Day


Erik Proulx never hated his father, “a wonderful person with a terrible sickness”: heroin addiction.

Man of the Day: Erik Proulx

Erik Proulx

A week after asking for a raise and a promotion from his position at a major New York City advertising agency, he was laid off, jobless like so many others.

My Dad’s Doppleganger

dad and erik doppleganger

Erik Proulx never really knew his father. But friends and relatives keep trying to fill in the blanks.