This Pint-Sized Fighter Would Destroy You


One thing’s certain: This kid is not one to mess with.

How Greed Stopped the USFL’s Forward Progress


30 years ago an upstart football league tried to take on the NFL. All it got was $3.76. Just ask Donald Trump about it.

The NFL’s PR Problem. . . And How To Fix It


Bullying, concussions, player arrests, declining youth participation. The NFL has a serious PR problem. Neil Cohen offers the league some advice about how to fix it.

But Honey, It’s The Super Bowl!


The author writes an open letter to any woman in America who doesn’t care about watching the 2014 Super Bowl. And why their men will be glued to the television anyway.

The 4 Most Important Points in Bill Simmons’ Apology for Publishing a Piece Outing a Trans Woman

putter- makelessnoise-flickr

Other news organization can learn from Simmons’ candor about his organization’s grave errors of judgement and their failures to be curious.

Where’s The Mentor Alex Rodriguez Never Had?

Red Sox Yankees Baseball

Joe Rutland looks at the drama behind Rodriguez and how a mentor could have helped him navigate his life and career with more honesty and grace.

Worst Moment in Sports, 2013


Unfortunately, sports’ worst in 2013 included terrorism, rape, and murder. Liam Day runs down the ugly list.

A Month of Thankfulness: Broken Strings


Sometimes a random song can change your life profoundly and for the good. Doug Zeigler shares how thankful he is for this brand of kismet.

To Pay or Not To Pay: O’Bannon v. NCAA


4 years ago Ed O’Bannon noticed that his image was being used without his permission. His subsequent suit threatens to upend the NCAA. Chris Parisi reports.

The Week in GMP Sports


Recapping the week that was in Sports at The Good Men Project.

Network of Denial


As PBS gets set to air a Frontline documentary on concussions in the NFL, Neil Cohen examines ESPN’s curious decision to pull out of the production.

Bode Miller Says Asking Olympic Athletes to Stay Quiet On Russian Anti-Gay Law is ‘Hypocritical’ and ‘Unfair’

bode miller-Marco Trovati- AP

Bode Miller believes that “political issues and sports are inherently intertwined, so asking athletes not to opine on those issues simply because they are athletes is wrong”

The NFL Settlement: Not the End the League was Hoping for

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Liam Day points out that as much as the league might wish otherwise, this case and the issues it addresses are far from settled.

Drinking And Drafting: Should You?


Last year, Patrick Wensink drank too much at his fantasy football draft. He wound up with a team full of Cleveland Browns.

“I swear on the life of my children: it won’t be the worst book you’ve ever read.”


Author and ad guy Mark St. Amant gets this self-critique—and much, much more—from ESPN fantasy guru and FANTASY LIFE author, Matthew Berry.

Million Dollar Baby


Golfer Hunter Mahan walked away from a possible million-dollar payday to be at his daughter’s birth. Scott Behson says the overwhelmingly positive reaction demonstrates society’s attitudes towards fathers’ roles are changing.