Your Personal High-Conflict Politician Scorecard

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Ever Considered How Religious Freedoms Look from the Outside?

Gay business owners may have their own issues with providing services to religious customers.

Masculinity Might be Fragile, but Pointing it out Doesn’t Free us From Gender Oppression

Twitter updated its interface to replace the favorite icon from stars to hearts. A wave of protest followed, and the twitterverse responded.

4 Ways Women Reinforce the Man Box and How to Destroy its Presence in Your Relationship Permanently

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A Lesson You Can’t Prepare For

And one day the seat was empty. JC Perez-Duthie on how he dealt with a loss of a student.

I May Have Saved A Life

Jonathan Bane comes head to head with seeing signs of domestic violence, and makes a choice.

Weaponized Infotainment

The news has become a means to justify fear, ignorance, hatred, and prejudice. Kristen Diversi explains why we must change.

Shamelessness and Courage

How can we tell if a person is showing true courage, and not recklessness or shamelessness?

Only the Bad Die Young

A romantic longing for an enchanted world — where bad things only happen to bad people — has been a hallmark of health-conscious America for over a century.

Rethinking Your Hatred of the Elf on the Shelf: Christmas Has a Long Tradition of Being a Little Creepy

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Some Things I’m Afraid All Men May Fear

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How to (Quite Possibly) Make (Girl)friends and Influence People…By Not Acting Like a Jerk

“It seems to me that truly decent, above-board and non-threatening conversational overtures often get lost in the cascading white noise of street harassment and responses to it,” writes N.C. Harrison.

What a Pair of Great Big Apes Taught Me About Brotherhood

“Little moments of brotherhood deserve our attention, even when they happen between a pair of great, big, hairy apes,” writes N.C. Harrison.

A Good Man in Monrovia Battles the Ebola Epidemic

Good Men Project columnist N.C. Harrison discusses the altruistic efforts of Liberian ambulance driver Gordon Kamara, one of the best men he’s ever heard of.

The Hijab, Feminism, and Globalization

Angelus Morningstar discusses the many problems with a ban on Islamic religious clothing.

Why I Empathize with Jessa Duggar…and Why Empathy Can Revolutionize the Internet

“Empathy and good feelings can make the Internet a better and safer place for everyone,” writes N.C. Harrison.