To Watch or Not To Watch: Morality, TV, and Sunday Football

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If a man tries to promote better treatment of men (and women), can he ethically watch professional football?

Men Defining Masculinity: It’s Not About Sex

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In surveys of nearly 40,000 men in 13 countries, character, self-determination, and work topped the list of what defines masculinity.

Fight for Your Right to Not Make a Difference

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Troy Palmer thinks the Beastie Boys were right to fight for their song, but they got so much more wrong.

Ethical Parenting Outside of New York City? You Must Be Kidding!

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Ariel Chesler explains the importance of growing up where your back yard is connected to your neighbor’s yard, and your front stoop was mere feet from your neighbor’s.

Dating Has No Rules: Learning the Wrong Lessons from School, Video Games, and Sports

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Andrew Smiler says one reason men and women have relationship difficulties is that they have different approaches to the idea of rules.

Is Vocational Training the Magic Bullet for Improving Boys’ Education and Lives?

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Andrew Smiler believes better vocational education for high school boys will improve their lives, their (future) partners’ lives, and the economy as a whole.

Robin Thicke and Stacey Dean Rambold Should Scandalize Us: The Absent Discussion of Male Sexuality

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Andrew Smiler says Robin Thicke’s VMA performance and child rapist Stacey Dean Rambold’s behavior have the same roots and wonders why no one is talking about it.

Day 128 of Guantanamo Bay Hunger Strike: Doctors Urged Not to Force-Feed Prisoners

Joint Medical Group

The months-long hunger strike is taking a devastating toll on prisoners, but an article in the New England Journal of Medicine insists that force-feeding them is assault.

On Homophobia: The Elephant in the Room

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Tom Gaultieri examines the ways in which homophobia, not the constitution, have historically dictated laws about homosexuality.

The Humans Raced


James D. Irwin tells the story of Australian Peter Norman who supported John Carlos and Tommie Smith protest against racism, even though he knew it would mean the end of his Olympic Career.

Why Men Catcall

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For today’s Man Up Monday, Carlos Andrés Gómez challenges men to rise up against the street harassment so many of us have become desensitized to.

Empathy, Radical: How Cassian Elwes Used Compassion to Help Thwart Danger on an Airplane

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Julie Gillis believes we need more empathy and less disposability regarding our veterans, citing a Hollywood producer’s amazing story of helping a man through an apparent psychological breakdown on a JetBlue flight.

On Women’s Rights: Yeah, Yeah. Blah, Blah. Whatever.


Yashar Ali believes it’s our responsibility, as men and human beings to try to understand what discrimination is like for the women we claim to love.

The Man Who Kant Lie

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How can being a good man complicate the Prisoner’s Dilemma?

Lessons from the Diablo Auction House: Mass Media as Folk Media

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Erik Hinton discusses how the critical response to Diablo 3 can help us understand the problems faced by mainstream journalists.