Book Excerpt: Dimwit of the Yard

A hilarious expose of government corruption in England.

What We Have Here is an Epic Parenting Fail

It really is this simple. Prejudice has to be taught; it is not an inherent condition.

Yes Virginia, There Is A Rape Culture…

Alex Yarde wants to set an example as a man who is standing up against rape culture and all of its implications.

The Night My Dad Became My Hero

His actions taught me how to stand up for what is right.

A Christian Dad Sounds Off on the Lies About Transgender People and Restrooms

Bruce Pagano is a devout Christian with strong principles. He respects those of his faith with whom he may disagree. He has a tough time, however, with those who deal in complete falsehoods. That is what he sees in today’s current discourse. He tells us why.

Things I’m Doing Before Going to Hell

It’s likely that none of this will spare me from the brimstone future awaiting me, but that’s not why I’m doing them.

Talent Is More Important Than Morals

Terrible behavior and scandals continue to make headlines…then are quickly overlooked when someone is talented.

One Thing That Two Extravagantly Rich Men (Who Died Broke) Can Teach Us About Money

Looking into the darker side of business did something to me that I didn’t expect.

How Much Will You Risk to Stand Up for What You Believe in?

While big name celebrities get all the focus, lesser known celebrities like Greg Cope White are risking a lot more by taking the the same stand.

Why Robots Need to Be Able to Say ‘No’

Robot reasoning is not as simple as you think.

They Deserved So Much Better: Sexuality & Service Members in the 20th Century

As MI5 is voted Britain’s most “gay-friendly” employer, many are reflecting on Alan Turing and the many other service members persecuted for their sexuality.

The Dangerous Lies We Have To Stop Telling Boys about Sex

Our current culture is celebrating males having sex, regardless of their age, and this is putting boys at risk.

What Gives You the Right to Discriminate?

Does the First Amendment really protect religious freedom laws?

Where Have 4.8 Million Syrian Refugees Gone?

The answer tells more than just where they ended up. It also tells us how they’re managing to survive.

Pope Francis Condemns Same-Sex Couples As Not Part Of God’s Plan

Just in case you were wondering, yes, the “cool” pope is still really grossed out by queers.

Protecting a Voyeur

The murky ethics of a journalist protecting a voyeur for a story.