What Happens When We Try to Speak for Others? Watch “Lost Voices”, Brilliant Spoken Word Video


“Movements are driven by passion. Not by asserting yourself dominant by a world that already puts you there.”

Checking Your Privilege can and Should be Amazing


“Checking your privilege” will be amazing once we stop calling each other names, judging each other, and deciding who is and who is not allowed to speak and instead focus on self-awareness and social cooperation.

5 Things to Consider Before Celebrating the Ashley Madison Hack

ashley madison hacked ethics

Joanna Schroeder says that just because these people did something unethical doesn’t mean you should abandon your ethics, too.

How Google Builds Bosses to Order

How Google by Yahoo

When it comes to cultivating leaders, Google rocks. Emotional intelligence expert Dr. Travis Bradberry explains how you can use their secrets to become an unforgettable boss.

Seven Rules of Photographic Ethics, or, Don’t be ‘That Guy’


Opening an Instagram account doesn’t make you a photographer.

Looking Through “Depressing” Tweets


Matthew Rozsa explores the latest Twitter trend, #TheWorstPartOfDepressionIs.

Whatever Happened To Honor?


What is honor… and why has American culture lost touch with it? It’s the simple pleasures that bring the most joy in life, and one of my favorite pastimes has been listening to my friends play music. Not going to concerts, mind you, but having great tunes performed in my immediate vicinity while drinking, smoking, […]

Bill Nye Reading Mean Tweets–The Bill Nye Film


Watch Bill Nye respond to some of his haters.

You Should Be Angrier at Bill Cosby than You Are at Walter Palmer


Mark Radcliffe wants you to get some perspective and spew some of your venom toward the accused serial rapist in our midst.

It Only Takes a Moment: Holding Ourselves Accountable for Language Lapses


Do you take responsibility for lapses in language? Edgar Wilson examines how a lack of accountability for what we say impacts ethics.

Want To Succeed In Life? Listen To This:


THE Secret to Life, the Universe and Everything isn’t 42. Listen and learn.

Why I’m Pro-Sex Work and Anti-Porn


Instead of shaming porn actors and sex workers, Matthew Facciani says we should have open conversations about sexuality and sexual education.

The Charleston Shooter and the History of True Believers

Confederate Flag

Matthew Rozsa explains how terrorists justify their horrific actions and what we need to do to stop them.

Lip Service: When Disability Comes Before Business


Erin Kelly examines a disability-oriented company’s recent actions towards a client.

The Ethics of Getting Personal

I am a writer.

Matthew Rozsa asks one of the most important ethical questions that any editorial writer must answer: At what point does “personal” become “too personal?”

3 Correctable Behaviors That Destroy Relationships

Burn the Witch

Matthew Rozsa identifies 3 things to stop doing if you want to give your relationship—romantic, platonic, familiar, et cetera—a chance.