How to Be Human

If you could chat with someone who died

“When your heart stops beating, you’ll keep tweeting.”

The Farce of FIFA’s Ethics Committee Findings and the Case of the Unlikely FBI Mole


Will Ooi explains how although FIFA’s own internal ethics investigation won’t shine a light on the corruption of FIFA, perhaps a FIFA-executive-turned-FBI-informant will.

7 Reasons Why Reverse Racism Doesn’t Exist


No matter what people tell you, it’s just not a thing.

Point/CounterPoint: The Ethics of Being a Sports Fan


Mike Kasdan moderates a Saturday Night Live style Point/CounterPoint Debate between Wai Sallas and Marty Josephson. More Cowbell!

Download This: My Troubled Love Affair with Buying Music

record collection

Jon Magidsohn considers how we get music today and what’s changed since we treasured record collections and copied cassette tapes.

Manhood and Being Your Word

As Good As Gold

Some values never lose their importance they just go out of style –time to bring this one back in a big way.

2 Reasons I’m Sick of Hearing About Abuse

2 Reasons I'm Sick by Helga Weber

Sarafina Bianco is sick of hearing about domestic violence in the media. But maybe not for the same reasons as you.

Football’s Fatal Flaw

football - GMP

Why football’s inherent violence makes it esthetically corrupt— and downright un–American.

Is Technology Shifting Our Moral Compass?


Technology is giving us more ways to do more things, but is this always for the better?

What’s In a Name? Everything…


Al DeLuise revisits the process of naming his children, and the importance of names.

Black Life Matters


August 11 would have been Michael Brown’s first day of college. Here’s how the media is more concerned with the story of Michael Brown, and less so about his life.

Can You Be An Ethical Pickup Artist?


Yes, meeting women can be hard. But the coerciveness of the nature of pick up artist is all wrong.

How to Deal With Rude People

How to Deal by PeakYourMind

We can’t avoid rude people, but we don’t have to let them get to us. Martin Sosa of PeakYourMind shares his strategies for keeping calm and carrying on.

12 Signs Your Child May Become a Bully


We often talk about how our kids are at risk for bullying, but have you ever considered that your child might be the bully?

Men Grieving Badly


Randall Horton discusses violence as a part of men’s grief.

The Ethics of Three-Person IVF


As Britain backs moves to allow three person IVF, there’s a strong ethical case for allowing the procedure, provided that careful regulation and monitoring is in place.