We Quarrel Over Names Because We Want to Feel Valued

It’s not political correctness gone wrong or an attack on freedom of speech. It’s a call-to-action to empower those on the margins to have an equal role in authoring our National and global story.

The Kids will Explore the Real Skateboard Culture that Inspired Larry Clark’s 1995 Film

Rich Monetti talks with Hamilton Harris about his new film project.

First Hispanic Poet Laureate: Juan Felipe Herrera

Could this signal a new direction for US literature.

Ode to a Father Figure

On Father’s Day, Diane Sears remembers one of the men who raised her.

Understanding Manhood

Raoul Wieland reviews Michael Kimmel’s ‘Manhood in America’ and explores the evolving and expanding definition of masculinity.

A Legacy of Labels: Why Raven-Symone’s Statement Rang True for Many

Gena Raymond explains why Labels are what holds us back from being All that we truly are.

Men in Education: More Questions Than Answers (Part 2)

Michael Carley, an educational researcher in a three-college community college district in California, focuses on a problem with an often understated scope.

The Women Are Smarter. So What?

Are research findings that girls have better grades than boys a challenge to the male ego?

A Gay, Aboriginal, Introverted Male (And Not At All What You’d Expect That Means)

Dameyon Bonson has a few stereotypes he’d like to dispel.

In Their Heads: The Possible Thought Processes of The White Guys Who Filed a Racial Discrimination Lawsuit

Andrew Smiler speculates about how, when, and why social class can trump racism and sexism.

Wandering Ox

After being uprooted from South Vietnam for adoption as a baby, Kevin Minh Allen has come to understand “home” as someplace you will eventually leave.

Raising Trilingual Children in America

Marriage editor Gint Aras is preserving history and forging the future by raising a trilingual family. In Chicago, as in many European cities, this is the norm.

Anzor Tsarnaev: Devoted or Delusional?

In the aftermath of the Boston Bombing, Anzor Tsarnaev defends his sons despite everything he has seen and heard.

“Unlike other groups of people, it’s pretty easy for a white person to use their skin privilege and brush off any stereotyping.”

This is a comment by Red Seven and J. Serens on the post “Yes, Black People Can Be Racist Too”.

Race, Othering, and GQ’s Opinions On Hot Women

GQ’s latest excuse to publish photos of pretty women betrays a deeper underlying problem.

Tony Okungbowa on Music, His New Film ‘Restless City’, and Life as Ellen DeGeneres’ DJ

Joanna Schroeder chats with Ellen DeGeneres’ sidekick, Tony Okungbowa, about his new film Restless City, which is the story of a Senegalese immigrant making his way in New York City.