Shadows And Shadowboxing: Bush For President?


As Jeb Bush departs for Europe to practice looking “presidential,” many people wonder if he stands a chance to be president (or should stand a chance).

Love To Drink Beer? Let’s Go To Munich


Drink beer and be merry in one of Germany’s most enchanting cities.

2182 Kilohertz


Jesse Kornbluth reviews David Maziel’s book, concluding that it is definitely worth a read.

Tiny Country’s Marriage Equality Bill Is A Big Big Deal

rainbow-Hartwig HKD-Flickr

Europe is getting ready to take a small step towards equality. Really, really, really small. More like inching a little toe forward just a tiny bit. But hey, it’s still progress!

WhatsApp in the Ukraine–When Masculine Paradigms Collide

Ukraine Protest

This week Ukraine is in the news demonstrating competing masculine paradigms. The clash of the titans is being played out across the globe.

What is the Most Important Lesson You Can Learn About the Holocaust?

march-ap-Bela Szandelszky

For David Karpel the answer is, “Never Forget.”

Serie A Match Stopped Due to Racist Chant

soccer racism 2

European football is plagued by violence and racism, an epidemic that seems to infect primarily young, unemployed men.

General Allen Declines NATO Position in Europe, Will Retire Instead

general john allen

Citing his wife’s declining health, General Johan Allen has decided to retire from the Armed Forces.

Missing the Days Before You Were Married


The glass of retrospect distorts, for a moment, a married man’s memories of his globetrotting single days .

General John Allen Cleared of Wrongdoing in Tampa Socialite Case


The Pentagon’s inspector general has found nothing to point to conduct unbecoming an officer in Gen. Allen’s email communications with a Tampa socialite.

Alternate Endings to 2012


If the world had ended this year, it might have gone something like this.

New York State Will Lead The Nation On Policies Surrounding Sepsis

drs office_GMP (588x401)

The death of a 12-year-old boy from sepsis prompts the state of New York to adopt new health policies.

Schemers and Dreamers: The Popcorn Machines That Never Were

Screen Shot 2012-11-30 at 11.25.18 AM

Sam Sattin had always regarded his grandfather as a little bit crazy, but lately he’s come to embrace what connects him to the family patriarch.

Returning National Guard Veterans Struggle to Find Jobs

National Guard members help a family in Hoboken, NJ during the Hurricane Sandy disaster last month.  AP photo/Craig Ruttle

Despite discrimination against military service in hiring, returning National Guard members face unemployment rates of up to 20%.

Italian Romance Films to Stream on Netflix


Grab a friend or cozy up with a significant other and catch these Italian romance flicks!

Why Do We Still Circumcise Boys?


Whether childhood circumcision is acceptable or not is an ethical question, not a medical one. Chuck Ross asks, why did we ever circumcise boys?