John le Carré: Who’s Worse, a Russian Crook or an English Banker?

The corruption that props up the powerful world of money is the topic of John leCarré’s novel, “Our Kind of Traitor.”

Being Evil vs. a Nobody – A Tough Choice for Some

It’s easy to celebrate the taking down of a “bad” guy, until we realize they can be a mirror for the darkness that lurks inside all of us…

A Killer and Humanity

Josh Magill wonders if we can overcome our basic wickedness for something better … friendship.

Take Us Off The Pedestal, Please: Women Can Be Just As Evil As Men

‘Gone Girl’ is a reminder of a fact society has long had a hard time grasping: Moral depravity knows no gender.

A Professional Man in a Secular World Collides with God

Agnostic Jerry Martin had a vivid encounter with a personal God. Then he pondered his options: spiritual counselor, psychiatrist, or just keep quiet?

Yes to Inner Darkness

Jacob Winkler realizes acceptance is the key to grace.

I Cheer for the Bad Guys

Jason Buch on the appeal of movie villains.

This Is Rage 1: In Tres Partes Divisa Est

“Silicon Valley parties are notoriously dour.” So begins This is Rage. We will be serializing the book, chapter by chapter. This is chapter one.

On Paula Deen and the Pervasiveness of Racism

Crucifying Paula Deen for her racism is a way of denying our own.

When Bad Men Do Good Things

Can people be so tainted that even when they do a good deed, it somehow isn’t?

Stolen: A Letter from a Prisoner Serving Life without Parole

Spoon Jackson does not define himself as a murderer, but by what he has done in the days since. How do you see him?

Keeping our Past a Secret

You must deal with your past, or eventually it will deal with you.

When “Forgive” Is An Abuse Trigger

For some child abuse survivors, forgiveness is a path to healing. For others, being pressured to forgive only makes things worse. Don’t assume that you know which is which.

Just Doing My Job

Justin Cascio’s life has been changed by the writers who reveal their own lives—and the taboos of our society.

“Conversation is always a good thing. Ignoring a problem has never resulted in a solution.”

This comment was by John Weeast, on Tom Matlack’s post This Much I Know To Be True

Bushmaster Rifles Has Been Running The Most Evil Ads I’ve Ever Seen

How do you defend your fragile masculinity? With a gun! Prepare to throw up in your mouth.