The 1950’s Man In Me


Today’s man is more engaged with their kids, but sometimes those inner feelings of tradition come out.

Equal Ground, Equal Spirit

equal ground equal spirit

Do you know how weak you are?

The Logic of Humanity


Our World is changing, and we are changing with it. Nothing is how it used to be.

Attraction to Masculine and Feminine Faces May be Less Evolution, More Urban Jungle


How humans choose a mate is often put down to evolutionary theory. But when you look further than Western groups, it doesn’t look so simple.

Goodbye Tricky, Goodbye Pluto


What happens when science and technology crash head-on into one man’s cherished beliefs?

Is Your Relationship Evolving, Or Being Set-up For A Revolution?

Good, Better, Best

“The need for change bulldozed a road down the center of my mind.” Maya Angelou

“A Kiss, after all, is Just a Kiss, Right?”

Kiss just Kiss

Why The Michael Sam Kiss Freaked Me Out

There’s No Such Thing as “Finding Yourself”


Sara Crolick gains new insight on the “myth of self-discovery” inviting serious questions about her goals as an individual, her constant quest to find herself and her role as a mother.

“Men are complex emotional creatures, just as women are.”


This comment by Claran on the post Dear Son, 5 Secrets I wish I knew Before Marriage

Why I’m Glad Bill Nye Debated Young Earth Creationist Ken Ham


Mark Greene believes we all have to engage the debate that Bill Nye took on.

The Republican Sea Change On Evolution


The decline in the number of self-identified Republicans who believe in evolution only reflects the change in those who identify as Republican.

Is This Basic Instinct Killing Your Chance for Happiness with a Good Man?

couple kissing

Rising above your natural instincts is what needs to happen if you really want to have what you say you want.

The Differences Between Men and Women, Part 2: Would You Adam and Eve It?


Andy Bogle rides the ebb and flow of attraction, reproduction, and the spread of behavior and genes in part two of his three-part series.

Movement Maverick Rafe Kelly Goes Tree Running


Rafe Kelly shows just how the human animal can move when released into the wild.

Russell Brand Calls For Revolution, I Call For Evolution


Mike Sliwa reminds us that time is short and inspiration can come from the strangest places.

Republicans in Texas Continue Assault On Children’s Education


Republicans in Texas want to select science textbooks that specifically include either intelligent design or creationism.