Prince and the Elegant Plumage of Peacocks

His exceptional musical talent and humanitarian goodness notwithstanding, Prince’s fancy presentation was more common than society would have us believe.

Women With Male Friends Have More Sex (But Not With Them)

How do the complex roles of attraction, jealousy, and insecurity affect male/female sexual and platonic relationships?

Cheaters Shame And Finding Forgiveness: Worse For Women?

Why do men seem to get off easily for cheating while women face the harshest of penalties and blame? Andrew Lawes has a few ideas.

Unlike Salamanders, People Come Together for More than Just the Mating Season

Sex is inextricably bound up with a web of relationships that make particular forms of human social life possible. To claim that human sexuality in an ahistorical fashion is at best naïve; at its worst, it’s pseudoscience.

Wrapping Yourself in the Flag (of Science)

I’m not anti-science. I’m just anti-bullsh*t.

In Defense of Noam Chomsky

What could be more American than holding your government to an impossibly high standard? And what could be more profoundly unAmerican than trying to silence legitimate critique?

Male and Female Serial Killers

How evolutionary psychology may explain the difference.

You Might Need Three Tries to Get Lucky at Love

How Jed Diamond found the love of his life.

Follow the Herd or Blow the Whistle

Which is part of our evolutionary past?

“What is the difference between conscious persistence and mindless compulsion?”

This post by John on the post The Superpower You Already Have

Death to the Roving Inseminator

Andrew Smiler argues that the idea that guys are evolutionarily driven to just get laid describes a small percentage of men.

Fact or Fiction: Do Guys Want Lots of Sexual Partners?

Andrew Smiler reviews the numbers and concludes that the idea guys want lots of different partners is fiction.

The Superpower You Already Have

It’s bred into your blood for literally a hundred thousand generations. Use it.

Loosening up on Looks and Moving Beyond Status

Do guys really choose a mate based on looks? Do females really go for high status? Kevin Carty examines how men are influenced by their peers, and how we should all loosen up a little on our dating standards.

Lost in Translation

Andy Bodle is flattered to receive the attention of a much younger woman—while hoping to avoid being noticed by her powerful father.

What Makes a Woman Beautiful to a Man?

Dr. Adam Sheck examines what it means to be beautiful, and explains the elements that create true beauty in his eyes.