Married Sex: An Excerpt

“It’s not cheating if your wife is there.” A chapter from Jesse Kornbluth’s new novel.

Excerpt from THE KEPT

“Elspeth Howell was a sinner.” By James Scott

Sleeping Together

“He’d come to appreciate the sounds she made, a steady grumble of snores that lessened whenever she turned on her side. The things she said were invariably hostile: ‘Who the hell is Becky?’ ‘Don’t fucking look at me!’ ‘Why didn’t you answer the phone?'” By Mike Heppner

Just How Real is Santa Claus?

Author Adam C. English explores the true story behind the myth of the modern-day Santa.

The Wrong Kind of Muslim: An Excerpt

An untold story of persecution and perseverance, by Qasim Rashid

Roosevelt Gets Shot But Gives His Speech Anyway [Excerpt from Delancey Place]

“I’ll do the best I can, but there is a bullet in my body.”

A Death and a Birth

Rolf Gates tells the story of his sister’s death and daughter’s birth, and how they helped him become a better man.

Splashing in Puddles: How to Be a Father to Your Daughter

Advice from a father of five daughters: Prioritize your daughter’s interests as if they were your own, and you will succeed at parenting.

The Isle of Khería

An excerpt from Robert Cabot’s new novel, The Isle of Kherîa.

Caged: Memoirs of a Cage-Fighting Poet (an excerpt)

I could smell the alcohol on her breath mixing with the sweetness of her perfume. “I’m sorry,” she whispered softly into my ear. “I can’t find my room key. I hope that’s okay with you.”

This Boy’s Faith

“What we had was unspoken: a richer bond, exponentially greater than the sum of our parts. … Arms around each other, we peered heavenward and wondered what it was all about.”

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