3 Essentials for Winning Like a Super Bowl Champ


Whether you love football or hate it, Tor Constantino shares some success insights gleaned from watching the Super Bowl.


Anzio Moyan_Brenn

Taking us back to World War II, Charles Bane Jr. writes on one soldier’s life-changing moment.

How Poorly Regulated Drugs Could be Leading to Cruel and Unusual Executions


During recent executions, inmates were observed to gasp, convulse, and turn purple over periods much longer than the typical lethal injection. All of these executions used drugs made by pharmacies not regulated by the FDA.

Writing in the First World


In response to the execution of Iranian poet and activist Hashem Shaabani, Poetry Editor Charlie Bondhus reflects on privilege, writing, and poetry’s function as a tool of social change.

Tennessee Soon Plans to Execute More People Than it Has in the Last 53 Years Put Together


Tennessee Attorney General’s office asked the state supreme court to set execution dates for 10 death row inmates, while an eleventh is already scheduled for April 22.

The Last Meals Project

Ted Bundy

Jonathon Kambouris visually documents the face and last meal of convicted killers in order to question how society is really served by the death penalty.

On Troy Davis: Is ‘Probably’ Really Enough?

troy davis

We weren’t sure if Troy Davis was a murderer, Slade Sohmer writes, so why is he dead?


Farmer Henley

A report from inside Tennessee’s execution chamber.