How Running Makes Me a Better Parent

How Running Makes Me a Better Parent

Chris Illuminati explains the five ways that regular exercise, specifically running, has made him a better, more fulfilled parent.

I am a Nature Dork

I am a Nature Dork

Any chance I have to get out into the trees turns me into a total nature dork.

A Scotch A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

the glenlivet

Al DeLuise on why he started drinking scotch for health reasons.

Here’s How I Deal with Disagreement. Got a Problem With That?


“There are things which bind us all, a common humanity which transcends the doctrinal or ideological,” argues seminary graduate N.C. Harrison.

These Guys are High Performance Spinners


Think spinning class is just cycling in place for an hour? This instructor has a different idea.

Dance Your Way Into a Pair of Pants. (No Hands Required)

put your pants on

This guy finds a way to combine his early morning workout with getting dressed. And there you have it.

Neurosurgeon Recommends Building Muscle as Best Protection Against ‘the Disease of Aging’

photo croftoncrossfit

Dr. Brett Osborn offers 5 exercises for a solid strength-building regime.

Five Lessons Learned From a Lost FitBit


Dillan DiGiovanni thinks exercise is good, especially when you have plastic toys to encourage you.

How to Bust your Routine with Abnormal but Healthy Uses of Time


Dr. Stephen Petteruti shares creative ways to remain fit and healthy this summer.

Why I Might Give Up Eating Meat…Forever


“I do not like to feel trapped by a box of one size fits all manliness, and a template for stepping outside of it, even in a realm as simple as that of cuisine, feels like a liberating idea,” writes strongman and BBQ aficionado N.C. Harrison.

Rising to the Challenge…with Kettlebells


“One more rep, a few more pounds, another breath,” writes injured strongman N.C. Harrison. “As the world moves, so must I.”

Yoga, It’s a Dude Thing

How yoga benefits men  comedy_nose/Flickr

A short daily yoga practice can help men create better mind/body awareness and promote prostrate health.

Buff-Baby-Daddy Boot Camp: Empowering Expectant Fathers in a World Without Sabre-Toothed Tigers

Buff-Baby-Daddy Boot Camp

Robert Lore was in awe of the physical exertion he watched his wife endure every day during her pregnancy, so he embarked on his own fitness challenge to prepare his mind and body for becoming a dad.

Life Changing Moment: Staring Down the Man in the Mirror

self-image, weight,

I studied my amorphous twenty-five year-old self and said, “Enough is enough.”

Can Yoga Build a Balanced Man?

Can We Build a Balanced Man? by Sister72/Filckr

Competitive sports might lack an important aspect of overall health and wellness. Enter yoga.

Dear ‘Dear Fatty’ Writer: Where You See Fat, I See Armor

Dame Natalie Woman in Armor.jpg

With this article Alanna Fero is as publicly vulnerable as she’s ever been. The only thing scarier? Being thin.