Dear ‘Dear Fatty’ Writer: Where You See Fat, I See Armor

Dame Natalie Woman in Armor.jpg

With this article Alanna Fero is as publicly vulnerable as she’s ever been. The only thing scarier? Being thin.

6 Things a CrossFitter Won’t Tell You (but maybe they should)


Alan Bishop gets brutally honest about some CrossFit secrets he wishes some were let in on.

Recipe for a Flat Stomach


How to put down the beer, and pick up a barbell.

Tony Horton Gets Candid About His Latest Book, The Big Picture


The inventor of P90X found success and happiness in helping others fulfill their fitness goals. But none of it came without a whole lot of work. Lauren Lobley reports.

Stivers Cartoons: Exercise Is All About Perspective


Tweet ©Mark Stivers /

Masculinity and Competitiveness: Why I Quit Playing Video Games


Oliver Lee Bateman thought he was immune to the ill effects of competitiveness. Then he got involved in e-gaming.

Does Fast Food Make Slow Mummies?


Why moderation and brown goop smoothies aren’t enough to fend off a mummy attack.

How to Manage Depression in Four Logical Steps

couch potato-y @alviseni-flickr

Danny Baker lays out the 4 steps he used to manage and eventually overcome his depression.

The John Lennon Weight Loss Solution


James Fell talks about the myth of the quick fix and offers practical tips to get on a sustainable track to better health.

Seven Ways to Battle Against Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seven Ways to Battle Against Seasonal Affective Disorder

Stephen Litel offers practical tips on how to deal with seasonal depression during the long, cold winter

The Deal Worth Making: Allez, Allez, Allez

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Josh Magill did not understand the commitment, the mindset, the strength or the pain it took to truly be a cyclist. But he wanted to know, so he responded with: “Deal. Ten hours.”

How Anyone Can Have the Perfect Body

Choose to love your body.

Dillan DiGiovanni is a coach with some new advice about having the perfect body. It will definitely surprise you.

What I Learned at Fight Club


Sixteen years on and Fight Club still resonates for me. Here’s why.

Broga: The Male Ego Obstacle Course


Sadie Chanlett-Avery goes easy on the guys with fluff-free yoga.

The Prevalence of Body Hate


James Fell is tired of “Fit Mom” Maria Kang and here’s why!

Sitting Uncomfortably? Simple Moves For Pain-Free Hips.


Jarlo Llano shows us how to get happy hips.