L’Chaim: The 18th Anniversary of the Day I Was Nearly Murdered

Exactly 18 years ago on this day, I nearly died. A somewhat morbid reflection on everything that has happened since.

A Man and His Dog: The Story of Bixby

The Good Men Project interviews Mike Minnick, who has been cycling across America with his dog Bixby.

Learning to Live With Dread

Matthew Rozsa shares his secret for not worrying about the end of world and everything else that makes him anxious.

Questioning Culture: Shades of Existential Gray

How do we distinguish what we want from what we need?

Say Bye-Bye to Daddy

In this installment of “Love, Recorded,” Matt is away from the baby and wondering what makes a dad a dad.

Ding, Dong (a poem in one part)

Ding, Dong   I was all agog with Ding-dong bells loosed inside my Dull cranium spinning with plans to Wed in May or February or September and What have you, all. She was/is my Strindberg girl, Ms. Julie, Not unlike a summer’s day who Does not like thieves I swear. Bring me to the altar […]