Why I Was a Conversion Therapy Leader

In the fundamentalist church, it was no longer a question of whether or not God could change someone from gay to straight; it was expected.

“Godly, but Gay”

Speaker and life coach, Joel Barrett, shares his experience as a formerly closeted gay minister.

These Former Ex-gay Leaders Are Not Going Away

Former ex-gay ministers work to keep others from falling prey to the gay conversion machine.


We welcome President Obama’s statement and stand with him in opposition to reparative therapy for minors, and call on everyone, regardless of political affiliation, to stand with us and put an end, once and for all, to this practice.

Behind the Closed Doors of Conversion Therapy

The former leader of renowned ex-gay ministry, Love in Action, answers the question, “What were you thinking?”

I’m a Straight Woman Who Married a Gay Man (Her Side of the Story)

When religion makes a promise reality can’t keep.

Are Christians Ready to let go of the Idea of “Ex-gay”?

There’s no such thing as an “ex-gay.” It’s time to put reparative therapy behind us.

A Drag Queen for Jesus

From having to keep his orientation “between me and God,” to donning high heels, lipstick and a wig, and having his Pentecostal pastor (also his father) as his biggest supporter.

Loving Our Gay Son, Exactly the Way God Made Him

A loving open letter from Rob Robertson- an evangelical Christian whose gay son died of a drug overdose – to his son, whom he loved completely.

Exodus International’s Alan Chambers: Bending History’s Arc

This shift is both seismic and historic in the ongoing effort to bring all voices of faith into a more unified chorus, all calling for the affirmation, acceptance and unconditional love of all of God’s created.

Forgiveness: There Is No ‘Should’

Heather N. feels strongly about forgiveness: That it shouldn’t be mandated, and in some cases can be harmful.

Why Arguing the “Clobber Passages” Might Be Helpful Now

Evidence to the contrary notwithstanding, I think there is a place for thoughtful engagement over the “clobber passages.”

Where Are the Gays Who Stand Up for Gays?

Donald D’Haene wants to know: Where are the fearless members of the LGBTQ community?