Why Accountability is the Only Sure Path to Success

Turns out, accountability may be just the push you need to follow through and shine.

Peeling Off Layers That Society Tattoos Upon Us

It’s time to call bull on the cultural programming that keeps us enslaved to external influences. It’s time to question taboo subjects for ourselves.

Online Dating: Avoiding Disappointment When You Finally Meet Offline

So it’s finally time to meet offline, how exciting!! Minimize your worry (and disappointment) by taking some simple pre-date precautions.

Unrealistic Expectations That Do You Harm

Emotional intelligence expert Dr. Travis Bradberry reveals the science of why your expectations become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Comment of the Day: “I am still coming to grips with gender role expectations.”

This comment was by Vince on the post: Babble of the Sexes Defines Leadership Versus Partnership in Your Relationships.

The Thief of My Freedom and Dignity

One man’s story of a life with seizures and defining normal on his own terms.

A Simple Way to Stop Screwing Up Your Relationships

Chuck Chapman identifies the #1 relationship mistake we make and tells us how to fix it.

How to Help Your Family Manage Their Holiday Expectations

Jay Forte helps restore the spirit of family togetherness to the holidays.

Living up to My Father-In-Law’s Expectations

Marrying into a family isn’t always easy. But for Barbara Abramson, a humble and kind man made it so.

The Joy of Letting Go of Stress

Don’t just let go of your stress, let go of your expectations.

Comment of the Day: “The phrase ‘It doesn’t matter what society thinks of you’ only works for hermits.”

This Comment of the Day is by ballgame on the post “Men, Stop Letting the World Define You”.

7 Reasons for not Giving 100% in Your Relationship

Dr. Steve gives a tongue-in-cheek look at why giving 100% in your relationship is a waste of time and of effort.

Does Sex Sometimes Feel Like It Is More Effort Than It’s Worth?

There comes a time in every couple’s life when not having sex seems a better idea than having it. Dr. Steve explores how we are affected by the external world and how to manage these intrusions.

A Dad’s Practical Parenting Guide for Soon To Be Parents

Punk Rock Papa ran into a soon-to-be dad. It inspired him to lay down this practical guide. —   The other day, on Facebook, a friend was nice enough to do a little promotion of Punk Rock Papa to a soon-to-be dad of twins. A brief back and forth with the man brought me back […]

People Started Referring to Me as a Monster: A Gay Man’s Struggle With Alcohol

It took some hard lessons for Alexander to realize that he didn’t have to keep living his life by other people’s standards.

5 Ways To Handle Children That Are Disrespectful To A Stepparent

Gara Hoke Lacy on the hardships of step parenting, and the five best ways to deal with a difficult child.