How to Do the “Skills a Man Should Know” (Humor)


JJ Vincent gives his personal instructions on mastering a list things that we’re supposed to know. To impress chicks. Or other dudes. Or something.

Ways to Keep Sex Vital When Life is Full

family sex

Torsten Klaus on bridging the divide in the bedroom

The Facebook Filter

facebook filter

Facebook looks pretty damn perfect to Jaime Zepeda, and often that’s the problem.

The Incredibly Low Bar: Let’s Change the Stereotypes about Dads

the incredibly low bar photo by phalinn

Doyin Richards wants to know what is wrong with a society that sees dads who are merely being good parents as doing something “amazing.”

Mindfulness for Fathers: Five Difficult Feelings We Can Learn to Love

hawkeye son-by jondejong-flickr

It’s a tall order for many men to even acknowledge difficult feelings. But love them? That’s just going too far. But of course, going farther and loving deeper than you knew you could is what fatherhood, and life, demands.

Forget “Normal,” Be YOU.

Photo: Flickr / MrBill7836

Jeremy Meyers thinks it’s time for men to decide who they are, not let society decide for them. 

What I Won’t Do For My Husband


Nadira Hira’s manifesto on marriage.

Lessons Learned Getting Back on the ‘Dating Horse’


Haven’t been in the market for a while? You may be afraid you’ve lost your swing.

Why Are We in This Partnership?


Why Are We in This Partnership?

Do Men Ever Send Thank You Notes?

Thank You Cards

Veronica Grace has noticed some interesting things when it comes to society’s expectations of men and women and gifts and thank you cards.

What To Expect When You’re Expecting a Son

photo by monicasecas

Renee Lute is expecting a son. And even after being pregnant with a daughter before, this is not what she expected.

The War on Insincerity


Melita Caulfield is waging war on something that is often considered socially acceptable.

I Never Thought I Needed Role Models

nelson mandela, atalwin polin

Atalwin Pilon thought he had to figure out everything by himself. What a surprise when he looked to others and things suddenly got easier.

“My marriage didn’t survive after hitting rock bottom. It wasn’t about getting rid of her, it was about figuring out what parts of me lead to her departure.”

photo by weelakeo

These are comments by Steve Horsmon, Rachel @ Reality Chick, and wellokaythen on the post “If You Think Your Marriage Is Over, Give It One More Year”.

“If we women want men to be more emotionally open and yet tell these demeaning jokes, isn’t that counterproductive?”


This is a comment by Carol Stephen on the post “The Butt of the Marriage Joke”.

“There are boys who are NOT high-energy, not into wrestling or sports, and not into screaming. And they are not ‘acting like girls’.”


This is a comment by wellokaythen on the post “Let’s Stop Faulting Boys and Start Channeling Their Energy”.