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There comes a time in every couple’s life when not having sex seems a better idea than having it. Dr. Steve explores how we are affected by the external world and how to manage these intrusions.

A Dad’s Practical Parenting Guide for Soon To Be Parents

Punk Rock Papa ran into a soon-to-be dad. It inspired him to lay down this practical guide. —   The other day, on Facebook, a friend was nice enough to do a little promotion of Punk Rock Papa to a soon-to-be dad of twins. A brief back and forth with the man brought me back […]

People Started Referring to Me as a Monster: A Gay Man’s Struggle With Alcohol

It took some hard lessons for Alexander to realize that he didn’t have to keep living his life by other people’s standards.

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Gift-getting expectations should not be gift-giving obligations.

Looking For The Perfect Woman? Or Man? Well, Just Stop It.

There are people out there who will just get you and just accept you, just the way that you are. Sometimes you don’t need fixing, you need accepting.

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Why Your Expectations are Silently Killing Your Relationship

What we expect may not be what our partners are willing to give.

Because I’m not boldest of men…

One reader commented about why he used to worry about not kissing the girl.

Living for Everyone Else

When it comes to others, be helpful, compassionate, grateful. But don’t live up to their expectations.

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Are You Normal? Probably Not

I’M NOT NORMAL. But I am happy.