Call for Submissions: Have You Ever Been Around Someone With a Disability?

How have experiences with the disabled impacted or influenced your life? Tell us at The Good Men Project.

Being In A Relationship – Dancing On Daggers

The muse strikes and Steven Lake examines the razor-sharp challenges of being in a relationship.

The Joyful Results of My Grand Travel Experiment

I learned how to work and workout and meditate while traveling, which were big areas of weakness for me. — I’m just finishing up four weeks in Europe with Eva and the kids and wrapping up my Grand Travel Experiment. I have to say it was (mostly) a success. I wasn’t perfect, but even in the […]

How to End a Fight (on Twitter) Without Spilling Blood

Another person’s background may have led them to different conclusions than your own, but that doesn’t make their opinion less valid.

Gaycation: The Global Gay Experience

Ellen Page documents how gay people live around the world with “Gaycation.”

The Best Way to Spark Your Creativity

If you want to be more creative, seek out new experiences. For me, it’s been substitute teaching.

At 19, I had not Heard of ‘Rape Culture’

A young woman shares her account with rape culture.

How Holistic Health Became Good Business

On this episode of Humble Warrior, Holistic Chamber of Commerce Founder Camille Leon discusses her experience with holistic medicine.

I Quit, I Was Fired and Now…

No need to mince words here. Christian Farber shares his pros, cons and goals for the future.

Save Your Money This Valentine’s Day

Don’t buy her anything. You’re welcome.

We Are Beautiful Because We Are Scarred

We all have scars lingering with us throughout life.Tim Mousseau believes these permanent marks are what make us beautiful.

5 Ways to Grow From a Traumatic Experience

Allegra Jordan on forgiveness, reflection, and self-compassion.

Stop Being a Zombie In Your Life And Relationship: Awaken To The Fire Of Passion

Steven Lake brings us some inspired thoughts about the importance of passion in life and love.

Confessions of a Pay Phone User

How many life lessons can one man learn while putting in quarters? You’d be surprised.

How to Hurt Others With Compassion

We will inevitably hurt and disappoint others by being true to ourselves. Theresa Byrne shows us how to do it with compassion and grace.

Timing Is Everything

Each day is a different chapter of your life. What will book will you write?