When Does Sharing Become Oversharing?

photo by javajunki

In a culture where oversharing is de rigueur, Patrick Brothwell finds that blogging while remaining authentic and not crossing boundaries is becoming increasingly difficult.

Living With Agoraphobia


Nathan Daniels has a reason to avoid places where he might feel trapped. But he also has a reason to want to change.

Visit the Hemloft (Video)


When one guy wanted some adventure in the great outdoors, he built a secret Hemloft.

“I go to AA to hear other’s experience, strength, ideas and to share my own.”


If you are a teetotaler, what things have helped you stay sober? If you aren’t a teetotaler, what helps you say in control of your drinking habits?

Nude, Night, Illegal Bungee Jumping!


How many things would you never have done, if it weren’t for your best friend?

49 Things You Must Tell Your Baby


Tell her everything now, while she’s listening.

“Society wants dads to ‘step up’, but they are literally stomped down when they do.”


These are comments by John Schtoll and Danny on the post “Can A Dad Take His Daughter Clothes Shopping (and Other Indignities of Modern Dadhood)”.

Jesus in Drag


When he started condemning a friend who came out of the closet, Timothy Kurek decided to walk a mile in her shoes instead.