The Hospital

For Steve Colori, hospitals are an all-too familiar place.

A Virtual Escape

What is virtual reality could give back what’s been taken away?

Why The Pursuit Of Happiness Is Overrated

Why The Pursuit Of Happiness Is Overrated

Do You Know The Difference Between Love and Being ‘In Love?’

Being in love is not a feeling but instead a consistent display of actions, followed by words and experiences that two people share with each other.

It’s Proven Now: Experiences Make Men Happier Than Things

Life is about memories, not diamonds.

Save Your Money This Valentine’s Day

Don’t buy her anything. You’re welcome.

Intimacy Hacks: One Trick to Sparking Chemistry

What if we could cast a magic spell for sparking chemistry? We just might have the next best thing. Get a head start on intimacy with this simple trick.

Why Stand-Up Comedians are Tougher Than You, and Why You Should Get On Stage

If you’ve never tried doing Stand-Up, then you have no idea what it’s like.

How Attacking Planned Parenthood Shames Women Into Silence

Silencing women’s experiences and pretending that their wants and needs are dirty is not going to lead to a good time for anyone.

Finding Supportive Communities

How to share experiences to enhance understanding.

Junk In Your Trunk – Why Emotional Clutter Is Ruining Your Life

John Patrick Weiss on keeping things simple — and how that will improve your life.

What Women Don’t Understand About Men (But Should)

Get this: We’re not that different.

The Consequences of Dishonesty

In an open letter to his sons penned in the wake of the New England Patriots cheating scandal, photographer Vincent Pugliese talks about the ultimate consequences of cheating.

Great Experiences Build Memories: The Top 6 Ways Our Family Looks for Fun and Joy

Using Membership Rewards® from American Express, my family can experience a whole lot of things that might have otherwise been out of reach.

Finding Balance Between Information Gathering and Experience

Identifying if you are experiencing too much noise in the information coming into your life will be just the beginning of your constant evolution as a wise and caring human being.

Should Men Feel All The Feelings?

Dillan DiGiovanni thinks men shouldn’t avoid difficult feelings when they come up.