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Are we watching porn burn out or just the death of print pornography and its male pioneers?

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Human Trafficking by the Numbers

A clear representation of how big the human trafficking problem really is.

“I am female and I watch daily. I don’t see it as an addiction”

5 Reasons Why Men Must Give Up Porn

The Terms of Real Freedom

When corporate powers seek to destroy, each individual has the power and responsibility to end exploitation.

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Mike Sliwa reminds us that time is short and inspiration can come from the strangest places.

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Is it possible that Miley Cyrus is making her own decisions? I would say so.

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What Was the Most Important Thing People Learned in the 20th Century?

Robert Fuller believes the most important learning of the century was disabusing ourselves of the notion that some people are inferior.

Paid by the Penny: When Disabled Workers’ Rights are Compromised

We must not forget the disabled when we talk about worker rights.

Chicago Passes Law Against Wage Theft

Chicago is taking steps to actually enforce laws against businesses paying workers less than they are legally required to, a practice that remains de facto legal almost everywhere else in America.

Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation

Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation Factsheet from World Vision’s “Don’t Trade Lives” Campaign

Chocolate’s Bitter Taste: Forced, Child and Trafficked Labour in the Cocoa Industry

Cocoa Factsheet from World Vision’s “Don’t Trade Lives” Campaign

The Vagina Dialogues

What does it take to be an ally to women?