Be Careful What You Ask For On the Internet

You probably wouldn’t let the Internet name your baby. So what could go wrong in naming your $289 million polar research vessel?

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Going Out With a Bang

NASA’s Messenger spacecraft ended its 11-year mission by crashing into Mercury.

Using Wanderlust to Grow

There is a beauty in wanderlust, but with travel comes discomfort. Properly managing this discomfort can make a profound difference.

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Jordan Gray says that there are three baby steps you can take to encourage your partner to be more adventurous in bed. —– This question has been asked of me nearly ten times in the past week, so I’m taking it as a sign. “My partner is excruciatingly vanilla in the bedroom… how do I […]

Reclaiming Wonder From Above our Small Blue Home

We live on a fragile, small planet in a wondrous huge universe. We have to give it the care and respect it needs to sustain us.

Military Child Tim Mousseau Rethinks Traditional Concepts of Home

GMP continues celebrating The Month of the Military Child.

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When you’re dating someone new, how do you know if you’ll be sexually compatible in the long run? Dr. Jennifer Gunsaullus helps you find out

Open Thread: Things Boys Discover

Boys explore the world and test limits differently. What truths did you discover as a boy?

Futurism: The First Space Mining Company Is Set To Secure The Stars

Taking the first step towards, maybe, just maybe, becoming a type one civilization at long last.

Music: The GZA Looks To The Stars For New Album, Dark Matter [@therealgza]

The Shaolin chessmaster finds new horizons for his rhyming talents in academia and space exploration.

Science: This Is Why We Do It Like @MontellJordan [#space #exploration]

“… show you all the beauty you possess if you’d only let yourself believe …”

Science: India Plans Their First Trip To Mars

A developing nation spending billions of dollars to reach the red planet? Oh, yeah, it’s happening …

Science: NASA Plans A Landing on Jupiter’s Moons for 2020

Not having a space shuttle any more, NASA is delivering ambitious new plans for a big, splashy landing on extraplanetary moons.