Every Piece of Art You’ve Ever Wanted to See, Up Close and Personal

A demo of experiments from Google’s Cultural Institute and Art Project.

Why I Write: Because It Makes Me a Better Person

Darla Johnson shares five benefits writing brings to her life.

The Dance: A Portrait of Humanity and Existence

Does mankind move too fast for its own good? This video is a reminder of what can happen when we allow ourselves to slow down.

Beyond the Lens: A Portrait of Courage and Masculinity

What happens when you give members of a homeless community disposable cameras? A male-oriented company did just that, and the results are stunning.

Drowning in A Sea of Noise

In the sea of noise that we’re surrounded by, what will you do to make your words count?

A Sorry Excuse for a Man

Gender as an excuse for behaviour has become too common in dealing with personal criticism in a general and stereotypical way.

Food is the New Rock & Roll

Do you want to rebel against the establishment? Do you want to make a statement? Do it with your food.

Nature’s Elegant Geometry: Signs of God?

Do you see miracles or coincidences?

“Our challenge as men is to redefine what it means to ‘be a man’ for each of us, to express who we truly are.”

This is a comment by Josh Van Vliet on the post “I Can Finally Say I Am Proud to Be a Man”.

This is the REAL Harlem Shake — #SavetheShake (Video)

I wanted to leap out of my chair and dance within ten seconds: the viral meme has nothing on the original dance.

“There’s fear that marriage is extremely fragile and looking at it too closely might bring down the whole house of cards.”

This is a comment by wellokaythen on the post “Open Thread: Why Are Men Reluctant to Write About Marriage?”

“I am not wearing yoga pants to oppress your sexuality or tempt you into sin.”

Julie Gillis says that her choice of pants are her choice, and hers alone, and that the uptick in these stretchy, wonderful pants in culture is not even about anyone but the wearers. It’s about comfort, happiness, and health.

“What I found was the attitude that it’s okay for women to talk about feelings and cry for help, but men can’t.”

This is a comment by Cy Young and Bonnie on the post “6 Ways to talk to Your Son About Male Violence and Healthy Masculinity”. What messages have you been bombarded with about violence as a man? Were you taught how to punch so you could defend yourself on the playground?

“We all are guilty of expressing raw emotion in an unproductive manner–especially in intimate relationships”

This is a comment by Caitlin on the post “How to Deal with a Psycho Bitch from Hell”.

“If I act like an adult 90% of the time, but get treated like a child anyway, what’s the point?”

This is a comment by Michael Philp on the post “Raising Teenagers For Dummies (Like Me)”.

“Depression feels like drowning.”

This is a comment by The Redhead Bedhead, Jane, and Sarah on the post “Can I Overcome Depression?”