Study: Ocean Life Faces Extinction


A team of scientists, in a groundbreaking analysis of data from hundreds of sources, has concluded that humans are on the verge of causing unprecedented damage to the oceans and the animals living in them.

Five Ways to Stop the World’s Wildlife Vanishing


New report shows a catastrophic loss of diversity as human populations grow. It’s time for action and the UK could lead the way.

Look Out Wildlife, Light Pollution Could Get Even More Dazzling!


Let’s all applaud for humanity’s latest achievement: It’s now easy to find our way home at night. From space.

Do You Hate This Man Enough To Hope He Gets Cancer?

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Where is the line between mindless slaughter and good conservation? Is there one?

Protecting the Common Good

The last Polar Bear

Dr. Guy McPherson believes that if humanity is measured in its ability to protect the common good, we’re failing.

If Good is Common Good, We are Failing


Our actions are poorly matched to pursuit of the common good.

Earth without Humanity


Life on Earth can survive any man made disaster. But will we?

Walking Away From Empire

goodnight goat

Guy McPherson believes opting out is the first step toward dismantling American Empire

The 10 at 10


Baldness is disappearing, religion could become extinct, and Hemingway reviews restaurants online.