Popular ‘Facts’ That are Actually Bull S*it


Did Einstein really fail math when he was a student?

7 Facts About Sex, Love, & Attraction That You Need To Know


Jordan Gray discovered some pretty interesting things while studying attraction and human sexuality for the past decade.

“Do Most American’s learn about Issues & Vote based on Sound Bites?”

Social Media

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Being Married Doesn’t Protect People From Violence


Russell Love counters the idea that women and children are safe from sexual violence in a married family.

“I went into a Walgreens to buy something (can’t remember what now) and the girl at the counter said, ‘I love that sweater you’re wearing.'”


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“We never fought, but sometimes we had to lay down some hard facts when someone was messing up their life.”


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Why Mitt Romney Isn’t Wrong


Mitt Romney let slip the big debate/campaign secret: you can’t win or lose, much less be right or wrong. It’s nothing but a word game on top of a mess of details that will make all the seemingly impossible big points work out in the end.

The Good Mind Project: Intolerance Toward Contradictions


Consistency is absolutely essential to reaching the truth, because without it, truth becomes a completely vacuous concept.

The Fear of Death


It’s not just the fear of being judged, but the fear of our inevitable death that paralyzes us.

Reading For All Mankind: Stop Arguing, Start Listening


A new book about knowledge in the Internet age reveals an important lesson about being a good man.

Reading for All Mankind: Good Men, Manga Style


A new series of biographies retells the lives of history’s great men—in comic book form.

The 10 at 10

Obama Zuckerberg

Obama and Zuckerberg are tight, your iPhone is stalking you, and the GOP lets gay candidate Fred Karger debate.