When a Marriage Ends, Asking ‘Why?’ is the Worst Thing to Do

You’re not really trying to learn anything. You’re looking for a reason to beat yourself up.

What If I Am a Man Who Doesn’t Want a Divorce?

Divorce is even harder when it’s the last thing you want.

Comment of the Day: ‘I walked away from mine too.’

The pain that comes from divorce can be difficult for a man to move past.

Choosing Your Divorce Battles: A Mindful Introduction

Knowing how to navigate a divorce can make a difficult time a little less stressful.

Comment of the Day: My wife moved out while I was traveling abroad.

This comment was by Ncore on the post  20 Years – A Failed Marriage – Now What? by Doug Sandler — My wife moved out while I was traveling abroad. Now I am responsible for child support and few hours/week supervised visitation with my 2-year-old daughter. My wife is angry at me and blames me […]

If You Want an Extraordinary Relationship – Do “The Work”

Most people just fall in love and hope for the best –here’s how to do much better than just hope…

The Truth Shall Set You Free

Carlo Alcos finds that only in hindsight is the truth plainly obvious.

Learning to be a Husband, Not a Son

It took Hugo Schwyzer three marriages to realize that there needs to be an equal partnership in setting limits.