The Most Powerful Thing I’ve Learned in Marriage and Parenting

Steve Austin discovers the secret to a lasting marriage in a car accident. The impact of the other car jolted me awake. I pulled over, dazed, heart pounding, to the shoulder of the interstate. I couldn’t believe this was happening. We were covered in debt and doubts and I’d picked up an extra twelve-hour shift that […]

Be Fearless In Your Creation: Art Is Love And Life

“You gain nothing by discouraging an artist. You can gain everything by encouraging one.” Kevin Smith

7 Reasons Why Blair Walsh is an Unsung Hero Every Man Could Emulate

Failure can be a chance to display character and set a good example for men of any age.

How I Handled Failure and My Family Being Homeless (Twice!)

While I’m not happy about failing my family twice and leaving us homeless, I know I’m a better man from it.

5 Steps for Divorced Men to Reframe Failure

Failure. We have all faced it, and divorced men may feel it more acutely than others. Here are some great ways to reframe it, and move past it.

Unrealistic Expectations: Startups, Young Men, and Suicide

Telling only one side of the entrepreneur story does way more harm than good.

The Salesman’s Suit

Our nature is to hide our failure, but we can’t forget that failure is in our nature.

Why We Fail Our Children By Not Letting Them Fail

Teaching children they may not always win is the best way to help them understand what true success is.

Addiction: What Can You Do When You Blow Your Recovery?

When you are in recovery, sometimes you are going to get wet. The only question is how quickly will you get back into the boat?

Men, Competition and Jealousy: A Potentially Destructive Force

Dr. Elwood Watson believes it’s essential that we learn to control and limit our jealousy or else we’ll become a victim of it.

6 Ways Fathers Can Empower Their Daughters

If we are going to break down gender-based stereotypes, our children need to witness both parents having equal roles.

Santa Claus And One Man’s Personal Resurrection

Christopher MacNeil tells the story of his personal fall and ultimate rise and reconciliation.

How Do You Really Handle Failure?

Theresa Byrne helps you examine how you handle disappointment. Do you have “emotional competency”?

The One Thing that Should be at the Top of Your Holiday Wish List

How I recognized my fear of failure was letting my team down, and what I decided to do to change it.

How to Build an Empire

Hint: It involves coming back down to earth and focusing on your true mission in life.

The Secret to Being a Writer

What’s the best advice for authors? Ironically, it’s to stop looking for advice.