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I’ve hidden the hard times and only Facebooked the good times. The truth is: I’ve excluded myself from a deeper conversation with you about the very nature of success and how to build a business.

The Hardest Part Is the Failure, but It’s Better Than the Alternative

As a parent, it’s hard to see your child fail. But remember, failing is a necessary part of their growth.

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How to Remove the Stigma of ‘Failure’ From Divorce

You’ve grown up, and the constraints are clear. You would not dress a child in the same pants and shirt year after year. So it is with relationships: if they remain the same shape and size, after a time, they just don’t fit.

It’s Not Too Late to Follow Your Dream

At 38 years old, this man decided to ignore his doubt and made his dream his reality. He says it’s never too late. — Are you living with regrets? Are you ignoring your passion? Did you have a dream when you were younger but never pursued it? Maybe someone said to follow your passion was […]