How Do Any of Us Keep Going? (Call for Submissions)

It’s been a hell of a week–what’s kept (and keeps) you going?

Failure And Temporary Setbacks — Is Failure Good?

Chris Forte on understanding the failures of life, and how we learn to grow.


We put God so high we forget that God can be a best friend. Chris Forte reinvigorates the idea of faith.

Comment of the Day: ‘Toughness is an illusion, a mask we hide behind’

Real men show their emotions.

Loyalty to the Inner Light

I am very much at peace with my life and my faith. I am comfortable in my own skin. I hold no illusions.

3 Steps To Be A Courageous Leader

These principles will take you to a higher leadership level.

The Life You Are Saving

When you are in the sweet spot of your calling, it does not matter whether the moment is difficult or delightful. What is important is fidelity to the call.

The Man Behind 666—and the Beastly Roulette Table RIddle

That famous number? It’s not all Greek—but rather a Hebrew riddle for the most hated devil back in the day.

4 Ways to Show Your Wife You Love Her

How can you love your wife more?

Would America Vote for an Atheist and Satanist for Senate? Would You?

Education, jobs, jails—and a Satanist agenda?

Recovery: Do You Really Need Faith to Recover?

If you want to recover, if you want to live a better life, you need a little faith.

He Didn’t ‘Decide’ to Become an Atheist—it Just Happened, During Missions Work

The worst news came as his parents were getting ready to spread the Good News.

Why I am Teaching My Children to Make Friends with Fear

How and what are you teaching your children about fear?

5 Principles of Faith That Make You a Better Business Person

There’s no point in blaming God for not making us successful, especially when the bible gives us the lessons we need to be profitable.

Do Men Have the Faith to Overcome Their Differences?

Frankie Cote discovered tolerance and love by turning a negative experience into understanding and acceptance.

Bono says that Christian Music is Dishonest and it’s Time to Get Real

Art that is vulnerable and real is where faith can catch fire