Dear Teacher, You’re Not As Good As You Think You Are


You might even suck if your students are already 95% educated on DAY ONE.

The Big Gay Choice


We don’t choose who we’re attracted do. But we do choose what we do with that attraction.

Defying What’s Blackness, What’s Femininity, What’s Masculinity


One group says, “Act like a man.” One group says, “Femme it up.” Icon does neither.

The Struggle is Real


What I am going to say here will shock some people but the want to express this has been tugging at me for a while so I had to say it.

Jesus Doesn’t Text and the Buddha Hasn’t Tweeted Yet


Jeremy McKeen remembers the mustard seed of faith that almost was.  — “Between the Pope and air conditioning,” says Harry Block of Woody Allen’s 1997 Deconstructing Harry, “I’d choose air conditioning.” The Pope, however, does have a castle. And cool outfits. But the sentiment of that quote, that in our modern age an individual would choose science, […]

Two Pillars That Can Be Tricky in a Man’s Journey

on a journey

Trust and faith have different meanings for different people. Joe Rutland looks at how these have affected his life.



A lesson in perception, from an unexpected source.

The Joy of Fatherhood

The Joy of by Rod&Heidi

Witness the power of the father-child connection as this dad lip syncs a spiritual song for his baby. ___ Photo—Rod&Heidi !!!/YouTube

From Atheism to a Kind of Faith

From Atheism by Matt Westgate

Ty Phillips shares a short tale of finding grace.

Three Words to Help Mend a Man’s Heart

healing roadmap

Are you feeling disconnected from your own heart? Consider these three words and develop a healing road map back to living.

Positive Strategies to Conquer Any Challenge

Positive Strategies by Steve Corey

Steve Spring has some simple advice to help you get through life’s most difficult moments.

Five Children, Their Families and Their Faith


There’s nothing quite like the open, trusting faith of a child.

The Genius of Jubilee, Forgiveness, and Forgetting


Couples go through a lot together, and learn something new every step of the way.

What Do You Do When Your Wife Is On A Spiritual Journey And You’re Not?

The key is on front of you.

Steven Lake faces the challenges his wife brings up through her spiritual practice. Resistance is futile!

In Defens(iveness) of Religion

In Defensive of Religion

Why people of faith feel a deep sense of responsibility to their religion.

What Radical Professors Can Learn from Mormon Missionaries


They’re certainly persistent. Perhaps people on the other side of the spectrum should be as well.