5 Destructive Lies Guys Tell Themselves


Tor Constantino peels back a few of the damaging self-fulfilling lies we tell ourselves as guys.

The Wrecking Crew – It’s Time to Sing the Unsung Heroes

Brian Wilson with Hal Blaine and Ray Pohlman

What do Glen Campbell, Leon Russell, Hal Blain, and Ray Pohlman have in common?

What’s In a Role Model?

Kids and coaches

Sami Jankins suggests it’s time we start reexamining the qualities that make up who we want as today’s role models

Is the Daniele Watts Incident a Tempest in a Teapot?

Daniele Watts

We must demand the police “protect and serve” and respect us. We must also, cooperate and facilitate their very difficult job and respect them.

Stop Making Murderers Famous


Justin Kanew calls for a new plan of action when it comes to homicidal killers: not giving them fame.

Sunday Second Chance: Would You Prefer To Die As a Wealthy Cipher or a Broke Legend?


Would you rather die in obscurity but have wealth and riches untold? Or be penniless but perish a great American hero and go down in the annals of history?

Why Can’t We Let Michael Jackson Rest in Peace? Thoughts on the Jacko-Gram

Jackson hologram cropped

Why resurrecting dead celebrities with technology is not the best way of honoring their legacy.

Does Brad Pitt Clean his Toilet?

Do Good

Don’t need to be rich and famous to do good. Making a difference is part of being a thinking caring human.

Santa Sex Tape


One celebrity whose star will never set is Santa Claus’, and one reason why is that he’ll never be brought low by scandal.

Eastbound and Down: Another Middle-Aged White Guy Breaks Bad


The return of the middle-aged white man crisis.

The Meister Piece with Access Hollywood Host and MTV Road Rules Star Kit Hoover


Susie Meister talks with fellow Road Rules alumna and current Access Hollywood host Kit Hoover about reality TV, motherhood, and life in tinseltown.

Why I Don’t Hate on Justin Bieber


Why do we harshly judge a teenage boy for not being man enough?

A Crossroads for an Autograph Addict

Jeff Bridges - Matt Raymond (1)

Matt Raymond got hooked on the adrenaline rush of proximity to fame.

Walk Away


Tim Brown advises men to protect themselves and prevent domestic violence.

What If We Celebrated Science Like the Olympics?


What NASA does every day is like a perfect balance beam act, performed every day, in space. Why don’t we celebrate these feats with the enthusiasm we reserve for Olympic athletes?

Cursed with Outside Interests


Success in competitive spheres like academia and music require a singular dedication.