Boys, Boundaries, And Blue Balloons

Brent Almond reflects on a moment and the totality of ‘fatherhood’.

The GMP Dads Workshop: What Happens When Your Wife Loves Your Baby More Than You?

Moms may be wired to abandon dads for our babies. It can be lonely, depressing and dark. Here are the four things that I did that made it so I never had to feel that horrible feeling of being replaced by my own child.

How This Dad Strives to be an Example of a Life Well-Lived For His Kids

Craig Boneau’s kids are watching and learning. He knows they will be doing so for the better part of two decades. He wants to make sure they learn how to live, not what to avoid.

7 Minutes to Bedtime: A Dad and Daughter’s Podcast

In an effort to hold a daily ‘good’ conversation with his daughter, Rick Sanchez utilizes the inexact time just before “lights out” where the most interesting conversations happen.

The Poppin’ Bottles Dad-cast: #AskADad – Rockin’ The Fanny Pack

In the premiere episode of #AskADad on The Good Men Project, Nick and Ben tackle your questions on gaming, kids, farts, a fashion no-no, and other awesomeness.

Being a Stepdad: 3 Things That Will Absolutely Wreck Your Relationships

Three specific things will help you get the very best results in your new role as a step dad.

My Son, The Kindergarten Student: The In-Between Boy

Brent Almond reflects on his sons impending independence and continued need for support as a kindergarten student.

We Should Be Handing Out MORE Participation Trophies, Not Less

Craig Yoshihara reminds us that participation trophies are a part of adult life, too. Ever thought about your salary?

Dad’s Hot Topic: On Hayden Panettiere and Postpartum Depression – Shhh! Say Nothing!

In a world where controversial ‘Hot Topics’ are abuzz, Brian Gawlak finds the teachable moments in trending issues.

A Sure-Fire Solution to the “You just don’t get it” Blues

Never be accused of “never listening” again.

Can you Handle the Truth?

  DiaryDad puts the “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” in context for his son. Lying is a new challenge in our household.  We all tell lies, we all skirt the truth, mostly in trying to make our lives easier or less uncomfortable.  It never works at that way.  Maybe for a time but the hard […]

Sorry, Kid. Don’t Want You. You’re Gay.

Or bi, or questioning, or trans, or queer, or lesbian, or something else that “doesn’t fit”.

The Heart of the Home with ‘The Cook At Home Dad’: Gourmet Popcorn and the Truth About Bloggers

In a bid to get children to eat healthier, ‘The Cook At Home Dad’ shares tips and recipes he creates for and with his kids.

A Tribute to My Father – A Good Man To The Core

Rebecca Bryant reflects on the amazing man, husband, father, and grandfather her dad was.

Why Men Paid Me To Bury Them Alive

Author Jay Cradeur shares how a night buried in Mother Earth can change everything for a man.

3 Simple Ways to Show Your Son You Love Him

Being a good father doesn’t have to be complicated, but sometimes it goes against what we’re taught makes us good men.