Parents: 6 Common Phrases (You Might Be Saying!) That Should Be Banned in Your House

phrases ban from home

It doesn’t matter how you mean them, or if you’re joking, these common phrases may be hurting our kids. By Noah Brand and Joanna Schroeder

A Sincere Thank You to Taylor Swift from a Nearly 40-year-old Man Who Hates Pop Music

8642417420_34a812339d_z (1)

Kase Johnstun shakes it off.

Notice of Eviction (For My About-to-be-Born Daughter)


Brett Ortler’s note to his unborn baby.

What Can We Do to Support Stay-at-Home Dads?

dad and baby

Rebecca Wissink shares the difficulties one Dad faced being the stay at home parent while his wife returned to work.

What It’s Really Like To Be A Stay-At-Home Dad


Being a stay-at-home dad is becoming cooler by the minute.

So What. Do What You Want. WHATEVER.

Listen Headphone

Shawn Henfling shares a lesson from his mother, one he heard but did not heed.

A Boy’s Initiation Into Dudehood


Unpredictable Behaviors by Boys is Normal

Done Punching Walls: How I’m Saving My Marriage

punching walls 2

Rory Caldwell was an angry man. After seeing himself through his son’s eyes, he’s now healing himself, his marriage, and his family.

Discrimination is Bad for Your Health—and Your Kids Too

racism and health

Racial discrimination can lead to health problems in adults – and biological impacts that could last across generations.

Meeting My Birth Father For The First Time


Tom Andriola prepared himself as much as he could, but that didn’t save him from being nervous for seeing his birth father for the first time.

Gary Dietz: Parenting Changes You


Welcome to Portraits in Fatherhood: We’re telling the story of today’s dads.

Discussions About Death; It’s an Act of Kindness

mother and son on the beach

Meditating on our own death might seem morbid, but it is responsible and loving.

Why Fathers Matter: The 92Y’s Annual Parenting Conference in NYC (Sun Jan 25)

Jonathan On the Road b&w

You’ve come a long way, daddy. ♦◊♦ One of the most positive signs that the roles of men are changing, for the better, is in the many classes and conferences devoted to fatherhood. This Sunday, January 25, in New York City, the renowned, non-profit community center the 92nd Street Y will host their annual parenting conference […]

James: Showing Up for My Kids

Coach James.

Welcome to Portraits in Fatherhood: We’re telling the story of today’s dads.

‘Parents These Days’ Are Judged Too Harshly

daddy and daughter

We need to stop damning parents of today, embrace their appetite for knowledge, and continue to evolve the sophistication and availability of evidence-based parenting strategies.

If I Were a Black Person — I Can Only Imagine


A human ally and former inner city kid shares her dream of a world where we all belong. To each other.