The Contraceptive Pill Was a Revolution for Women and Men


The recent death of Carl Djerassi calls on us to consider the world he helped change.

Hey Men, Prenatal Vitamins are Good for You Too

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A new study shows she isn’t the only one who needs to plan ahead, for the sake of future kids, men’s health matters too.

When It Comes To Fighting Child Mortality, a Condom Can Make All The Difference

Jean Pierre-Kanedry

Jean Pierre-Kanedry delivers contraceptives to health clinics in Senegal.

Support the World Vasectomy Day Crowdfunding Campaign


Three years after starting the journey to film The Vasectomist the documentary is complete, but as Jonathan Stack explains, “The film is just the beginning…”

Confessions of a Crowd Funding Neophyte: Vasectomy Files 17


Jonathan Stack sometimes wonders, “Why in the world did I have to open my big fat mouth and start this crazy project?”

Long Live World Vasectomy Day: The Vasectomy Files 16


World Vasectomy Day is encouraging men to join forces and take responsibility for family planning.

World Vasectomy Day: Balls on the Line for Planet Earth


Australia hosts the world’s-first vasectomy-athon asking men to take a very personal action to save the planet, protect their families and do right by themselves.

Pain and Pleasure: The Vasectomy Files 14

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All of the teachings, all of the knowledge and all the framework exists to help us rise up to our potential, but somehow we keep falling short.

Back to Basics: The Vasectomy Files 13


As Jonathan Stack points out, “The biggest challenge always to increasing men’s acceptance of vasectomies is overcoming our fears about our own sexuality.”

A Modern Day Don Quixote: The Vasectomy Files 12 (VIDEO)


Fertility, by definition, is a highly personal matter that demands sensitivity, but the situation on the planet has become so bad that to avoid a conversation about humanity’s growing numbers out of sensitivity is worse than not talking about it at all.

Underdogs and Challenges: The Vasectomy Files 11 (VIDEO)

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For Jonathan Stack, filmmaking is all about capturing “the best in imperfect people operating under the most challenging of circumstances.”

No Scalpel, No Needle: Vasectomy Files 10 (VIDEO)

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Everywhere in the world there is a certain percentage, a very small percentage of men who will do the right thing, no matter what the obstacles they may face.

Sparking a Global Conversation: Vasectomy Files 9

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“Everywhere I go, people, be they rich or poor, black or white, men or women, all express the same unease and frustration about modern life with its crowded cities, crowded roads, crowded schools and crowded hospitals.”

Our Mission: The Vasectomy Files 8

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The Vasectomy Project is encouraging men to join forces and take responsibly for family planning. This is an opportunity to bring people together to talk about our collective responsibility while offering men a concrete way to contribute towards a solution by having a vasectomy.

Is Plan B the Most Convenient Solution to Teen Sex? [OpEd]

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Jason Bruce wants his daughter to involve him in the event she needs Plan B.

How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Just Get a Vasectomy


A lighthearted look at how Ken Dafoe let himself be talked into what he should have gotten done years before.